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Ron D – Flip Yo Fitted [Video]

1 Sep

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I really want to start a section of posts called Naptown Fuckery, but I’m not trying to bite 2DBZ, but this would definitely have to be the first thing I posted.  31 South Entertainment presents … Alvin and the Hip-Honkeys?  I really dont want to say shit about Ron D considering his is all of 12, but really?  Like, seriously?  WTF?  But hey, I hope whoever is managing rides him like JD rode Bow Wow and Kris Kross.

Retarded Preacher on Homosexuality [Video]

31 Jul

For anyone that has seen my video for R:Cube, then you should recognize some of the characteristics.  This is coincidentally the same person that my retard impression is based.  I’m so glad to see him doing something he likes … rambling on and on about Jesus.

Hitler Finds Out Michael Jackson is Dead [Video]

4 Jul

Um … yea … fuck it … it is what it is, and Michael will always be Wacko Jacko to me.

TsimFuckus – Go Hard [Video]

10 Jun

This has to be the funniest shit on the internet this week.  Does this kid really have some sort of facial deformity?  I mean … his stomach penis is rather prominent, so he may very well have some legitimate deformities.

The Grapist

6 May

I want to sneak into your bedroom late at night and grape you in the mouth!

Pimpin’ Curly “The Fast Lane”: Eps 4 & 5

9 Mar

Love it or hate, but I think this shit is funny.  I totally agree w/ 2dopeboyz that this shit is 10x funnier than the actual tunes produced by the Curly/Officer Ricky Beef.

Episode 5 is below the cut.

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MHC’s Special Rap Olympics

17 Feb


The other day someone sent me a link to the now infamous DJ Hotwheels video, and after watching it a couple dozen times, I decided that we needed a new feature story around here …. SO NOW I BRING YOU ….. THE SPECIAL RAP OLYMPICS!!!!  This competition will feature 8 mentally challenged emcees in single-elimination battles over the next 7 weeks until we can declare a winner!  This will require your help, as you the reader will be voting on each battle every week and determining who will move to the next round.

Hit the cut for a link to some material from each of the emcees and a schedule of the competition!

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Fat Dude Dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies

30 Dec

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Um, so yea, wow.  Just watch it.  I feel so bad for this kid.

Jones’ Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage

14 Dec

It honestly took me a few minutes before I was truly convinced that this was merely a joke.

Esquire’s The Five Most Terrifying Local TV Christmas Commercials

Mr. Floppy …

3 Oct

Lets just say I have been in a bit of a head fuck lately …

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