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James St. James at Disco 2012 Party in Indianapolis (Video)

9 Mar

Indianapolis, I am rather disappointed in your right now. James St. James is a snitch and coat-tail rider. This dude has been living off the name he made from turning his best friend in for murder. Instead of bringing this bitch to Indy, why couldn’t someone bring the real mastermind? Peter Gatien! Or the true star: Michael Alig!

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Beech Grove Councilman Paul Mobley Busted Trying to Buy $20 Blowjob!

6 Mar

A Beech Grove councilman was arrested earlier today after allegedly trying to solicit oral sex from a prostitute who turned out to be an undercover police officer.

According to the police report, Det. Tabatha McLemore of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was in the 3600 block of East Washington Street about 11 a.m. when a man pulled over by the side of road. McLemore then walked over to the man, who was later identified as 63-year-old Paul Mobley.

The two agreed on $20 for oral sex. McLemore stated in her report that she told Mobley to pick her up behind a nearby building so that police won’t see. She began walking toward the building and Mobley started pulling forward, then hesitated and drove off.

I love it when local politicians fuck up!

Full story at the Star.

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All H.A.M. No Pineapples: The Life and Times of Tony Styxx (Video)

23 Dec

Meant to post this yesterday. Nifty little documentary about the Naptown poet, emcee, and beatbox Tony Styxx.

Looks like it was produced by Spitten Writtens.

T.A.G – Morning Wood ft. Mike Francis & Benny De Jet

22 Dec

A really slick track from TAG of MSK. I met this kid while Grey and Brookinz recorded Gateway 2 last spring. He was the first person there and the last to leave. These young kids in Nap are making better music than most of the vets.

BTW, masturbation is spelled with U.

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DJ Kid B – Dope Vol. 1 (Mix)

21 Dec

It appears that Kid B has launched a new mix series dedicated to his affiliation with clothing brand Dope Couture. Solid mix to enjoy on the second day of Hanukkah!

DOWNLOAD: DJ Kid B – Dope Vol. 1

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Flaco – Stoned COLD

18 Dec

This is the type of shit I like to hear from Flaco!

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Shy Guy Says – The Doctor

9 Dec

With all of the fuckery that ensued after I posted this kid last time, I felt like I owed the kid a second try. This track is more of what I expected from someone that is being described as a glitch-hop badass. Congrats. Big sounding tune here.

Now go talk some shit on your Facebook wall…

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Moron Terrorizes Intersection with Large Knife?!

4 Dec

The moron pictured above was apprehended last night on charges of criminal mischief, carjacking, and a hit & run. I guess the story goes something like this: IMPD received multiple reports of this jackass deflating the tires of cars stopped at 2th & MLK with a large knife. Shortly after reporting to the scene, officers learned that dipshit had stolen a vehicle across the street at the liquor store. I guess dude couldn’t drive too well because he was apprehended a few blocks away after slamming the stolen car into a parked car.

Full story at WTHR.

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jFET & Neal Zen – Don’t U F w/ Me

2 Dec

This is a really big tune. It’s got a funkiness that is often missing from dubstep…. jFET has really tapped into that vibe in house music that compels the listener to shuffle their feet instead of just swaying like a dirty hippie. Big fan of this track!

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Zeds Dead – 2 Nights in Denver (Video)

2 Dec

This looks like an amazing show. I really hope I get the chance to see Zeds Dead on Monday when they perform at Deluxe here in Indianapolis courtesy of IndyMojo and Keepin’ It Deep!

Indy Super Bowl Shuffle

30 Nov

My city keeps taking L’s when it comes to the NFL this year.

BTW who the fuck directed this shit?! It looks like some 80s cable access.

Figure – Dominate

18 Nov

Considering Figure will be stopping by Amber Room here in Indy on Monday, it’s a good time to post the young producer’s newest free tune.

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D-Win – My Ode To Debonair (Mixtape)

16 Nov

Shouts to D-Win on the new project with GoodWood. So far it sounds legit. Also make sure you peep the tracks produced by 2 time Heavy Gun Beat Battle champion Feeray aka FIRE!

Tracklist + art below the cut

DOWNLOAD: D-Win – My Ode To Debonair (Mixtape)

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Grey Granite – Outta Control ft. Bob G. Barker (Video)

13 Nov

Not sure how I feel about the video, but “Outta Control” is one of the better tracks off Grey’s “PlayFair” EP.  I really want Grey to do a real follow up to his Killer’s mixtape.  To me that is still his best project to date.

Bonus video of Grey, Freddie Bunz, and Ed Trauma’s “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Experiment” project performing live in Terre Haute below the cut.

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Lil Nut – How I’m Rockin’ (Video)

12 Nov

Feel free to write Lil Nut in jail: Marco Clark #523215 4r 40 South Alabama Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204

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