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Oreo Jones & DJ Wallywonder Perform “I Want Sum” in Bloomington (Video)

16 Feb

Milk’s favorite emcee recently opened for XV at the Bishop in Bloomington, IN with DJ Wallywonder. A new crew of bloggers named Bloomington Backspin caught some nice footage of “I Want Sum”. I hope we see more from the night via their blog.

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J. Brookinz x Grey Granite – Thin Line

5 Feb

Decent track, but Brookinz’s verses need to be #rare, or he might be judged as a rapper.

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Grey Granite x Bob G. Barker x J. Brookinz – You Are Lame

15 Jan

Some new old Knox Haven has surfaced. Another #rare J. Brookinz (half) verse at the end.

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Heavy Gun x BRMF Beat Battle III (Video)

8 Nov

I had the chance to drop by the Casba this year for part of the 3rd annual Heavy Gun Beat Battle for the Broad Ripple Music Fest, and I must say the competition was fierce.  For those of you that aren’t in Indy or didn’t get the chance, the boys of Heavy Gun were good enough to catch it all on video.

alpha.live + J. Brookinz – 6 Shot

23 Feb

Indy’s god emcee alpha.live links up with J. Brookinz, the Highest Man Alive, for Six Shot, a tribute to lyric and sample driven hip-hop:

The teaser video for Six Shot said it all: 1 emcee, 1 producer, 2 legends, 6 shots!  After several years of friendly one-off collaborations, alpha.live and J. Brookinz link up to give hip-hop junkies a hot shot in the arm of impeccable beats with perfectly laced lyrics.  The pair first collaborated on the now infamous OG version of The Bar featuring Grey Granite, then built upon that with the critically acclaimed “Obama 08” that was featured on blogs like Kevin Nottingham, and have recently collabbed on a track for Brookinz’s exalted The Gateway Drug.  Six Shot picks up where their relationship left-off with Brookinz’s penchant for chipmunk soul and alpha’s love of thought provoking, creative lyrics.  From the lead single “The Come Up” to the highly processed closing track “Blue Skies”, Six Shot proves to be dead on the mark all six rounds.

Every city has that one lyricist that everyone has to admit is a beast on the mic; in Indianapolis that artist is alpha.live.  Gentleman Alphonse cut his teeth in freestyle circles in Indianapolis long before every dropping his now infamous FIXTape and was named one of Indy’s top freestyle emcees by Nuvo in 2009.  Since then, alpha has dropped the well received Steal From The Rich w/ Dope Couture’s CMART, The Love Story, and Soul Cinema with producer Soul Cinematik.  Currently alpha.live is working with Spitten Writtens to craft video adaptations of each track on Six Shot and Soul Cinematik to finish their next project Soul Cinema 1.5!

During the spring and summer of 2010, J. Brookinz reasserted why he is hands down the Highest Man Alive.   4/20/2010 found the producer (and sometimes rapper) releasing his most well received project to date.  The Gateway Drug: THC was Mr. Brookinz’s love letter to the light of his life–marijuana.  As a testament to how intertwined cannabis and hip-hop have become in American culture, the project was featured on blogs such as Ruby Hornet, Kick Kick Snare, Mostly Junk Food, Noise Porn, Check The Rhymes, and Tune Devil.  Watch for J. Brookinz to follow up The Gateway Drug’s success with a sequel for this year’s holiday!


DOWNLOAD: alpha.live – Smokin’ (Prod. by J. Brookinz) | Sound Cloud
DOWNLOAD: alpha.live + J. Brookinz – Six Shot (EP) | Sound Cloud | Dat Piff
PREVIOUS: alpha.live – The Come Up (Prod. by J. Brookinz) | Sound Cloud


Happy 2011 from Heavy Gun

1 Feb

Heavy Gun kicks of 2011 with new music from Oreo Jones & Sinclair Wheeler, alpha.live & J. Brookinz, and Andy D. & Grey Granite!:

2010 saw Heavy Gun grow and mature from a group of like minded musicians into a full fledged label and movement within the Midwest hip-hop community and culminated with Heavy Gun being honored by Nuvo Newsweekly.  As a means of saying “thank you” to all of the fans, blogs, djs, and anyone that supported Heavy Gun in 2010, we give you this taste of what we have in store for you in 2011.  This sampler includes a Oreo Jones‘s and Sinclair Wheeler‘s remix of “Blame Game” by Kanye West, alpha.live rocking a J. Brookinz production, and a remix of Grey Granite‘s “Not A Robot” featuring Andy D.  With your help, Heavy Gun is set to make 2011 bigger and brighter than 2010!

Oreo Jones made a ton of noise in 2010, and he’s not about to stop in 2011.  On January 13th, Oreo is going to release his collaborative indie rock EP Oreo Jones & Friends featuring Jookabox, Woodhands, Ko of Slothpop, BLKNHBD, We Are Hex, Laura Balke, Grey Granite, J. Brookinz. DJ Metrognome, and Fair Fjola, which is a benefit project for VH1’s Save The Music between X103, Butler Scion, My Old Kentucky Blog, and Heavy Gun Recordings.  If you’re in Indianapolis, make sure you check out the free release show @ Local’s Only that night!  Also, Oreo is set to drop his follow up to the Delicious EP with producer 90lbs titled Super Model Death Dive sometime early this spring.

J. Brookinz, the highest man alive, had an extremely uplifting year with the success of his album The Gateway Drug: THC.  2011 will find the smokin’ producer rolling up the sequel to The Gateway Drug, as well as producing an EP for one of Indy’s dopest emcees alpha.live.  We’ve always considered alpha a member of the HG family; it just took the right set of circumstances to get him to wrap a project for us.  6 Shot is a 6 track of alpha getting live on J. Brookinz beats and will serve as the precursor to his album Soul Cinematic 1.5.

One of the founders of Heavy Gun, Grey Granite will continue his steady output of music from 2010.  Grey’s first new project of 2011 will be the release of a deluxe edition of Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster featuring a new original and remixes from Aaron Hogan, Andy D, Cool Hand Lex, Dave Wrangler, Infuze, J. Brookinz, Twenty-five Lighters, and Sonkin.  Watch for that to hit digital and Indianapolis music retailers in late February.  Additionally, Grey is completing work on a more traditional hip-hop release with DJ Metrognome featuring exclusive J. Brookinz production that should be dropping sometime before summer.

DOWNLOAD: Oreo Jones + Sinclair Wheeler – Blame Game | Sound Cloud
DOWNLOAD: alpha.live – The Come Up (Prod. by J. Brookinz) | Sound Cloud
DOWNLOAD: Grey Granite – Not A Robot Remix ft. Andy D. | Sound Cloud


Grey Granite & J. Brookinz present Lust Poisons Pride

8 Mar

Took me a second to get to this, but everyone already knows how I feel about Grey Granite and J. Brookinz.  You should phux w/ these two fools.

When I first heard “Lay You Down” over a year ago, I knew that this truly had something unique going on for them, but I was never prepared for the final album they handed me a couple of months back.  Lust Poisons Pride drifts into musical regions that the duo had never explored before.  My immediate thought was that it sounded like the bastard child of Prince and Trent Reznor.  Many of the songs seem industrial with their stompy drums, but Grey’s voice maintains a semblance of soul throughout the entirety of the album.  My personal favorite from the album still has to be “Off Safety” because the song seems to be the most focused representation of the duo’s sonic vision.

Stream live and make sure you purchase the album on iTunes.

Lost Lil Vegans – Latin [J. Brookinz Remix]

10 Dec

The other day Heavy Gun’s resident producer dropped his Re’Visionz EP featuring his remixes of four of Indy’s top music acts.  As a means to give everyone a taste of the record, Heavy Gun decided to give away Brookinz’s remix of Lost Lil Vegan’s song Latin.  If you like indie rock dance remixes, then this is a must have!

BUY:  Juno Download | AmazonMP3 | eMusic

DOWNLOAD: Lost Lil Vegans – Latin (J. Brookinz Remix) | Mirror

J. Brookinz – The Fynal Countdown ft. Illy & Grey Granite [CDQ]

8 Nov


I gave you the stream a couple of weeks ago, here’s download.  As a bonus, I threw up the Night Riders’ dedication to ugly girls which is also from Heavy Gun.

DOWNLOAD:  J. Brookinz – The Fynal Countdown ft. Illy & Grey Granite [CDQ] | Zshare
BONUS:  Night Riders – Don’t Get Me Wrong

J. Brookinz – The Fynal Countdown ft. Illy and Grey Granite

24 Oct


Considering that I work w/ Grey and Brookz, I try not to post everything that they do here, but this tune is gonna be an anthem.  And well, I needed to post an update about all of the cool shit they are into right now.  A couple of months ago, J. Brookinz sent me the makings of this beat, and I about flipped.  The tune is a no brainer.  It turns an 80s rock anthem into a Bmore banger!  I started shuffling rough edits out to some friends I thought might dig it, and my guy Illy latched on to it.  The track eventually flushed itself out w/ verses from both Illy and Grey.  Right now you can just listen to it, but next week, Heavy Gun is giving the tune away for FREE!  Consider it a Thank You from everyone at HG to all the people that have supported the release of Heavy Gun’s first single on iTunes.

Stream:  J. Brookinz – The Fynal Countdown ft. Illy and Grey Granite

Grey Granite – The Bar ft. J. Brookinz [Prod. by Action Jackson]

7 Jun


I’ve been waiting on Grey and Action to wrap this project for some time now, and I’m really happy with how it came out.  I wasn’t too sure how Grey would fare with the straight jacking house beat that Action cooked up, but the end result has me on a search for more house tracks for Grey to jump on.  If you liked the Cool Hand Lex remix of Totally Popped, then you will definitely dig this tune.  Know what, Im just gonna go ahead and call this the unofficial sequel to Totally Popped!

DOWNLOAD:  Grey Granite – The Bar ft. J. Brookinz [Prod. by Action Jackson]

Grey Granite – Lay U Down [Cool Hand Lex Dubstep Remix]

16 May


I am not even going to lie … this is an odd marriage of musical styles, but I am really digging Cool Hand Lex’s dubstep take on Grey Granite’s lead single “Lay U Down” from as of yet untilted album.  When I heard the first rough cut of this tune, I was a lil worried because once the bass kicked in, the whole track went flat, but after a few mastering sessions, I think CHL got it right.  The beat is minimal and the bass thumps.  Dubsteppery FTW!!

DOWNLOAD: Grey Granite – Lay U Down [Cool Hand Lex Dubstep Remix]

Eisenhower Field Day – Sunshine Patriots [J.Brookinz Dance Remix]

9 May


Not sure if I was supposed to post this or not, but Brookinz just linked me with his newest remix work, a dance remix of Eisenhower Field Day’s “Sunshine Patriots”.  All in all, I really dig the tune.  Brookz brought his signature bounce to the track that is part rock and part hip-hop.  The result ends up sound a bit like Chester French.

DOWNLOAD: Eisenhower Field Day – Sunshine Patriots [J.Brookinz Dance Remix]

Asher Roth – The Reading (Remix by J.Brookinz)

17 Dec

Spotted this shit over @ 2dopeboyz and just about freaked because I was just thinking that I needed to hit J. Brookinz up about playing my birthday show next month.  This is a great remix of a dope up and coming artist by another great up and comer.

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – The Reading (rmx) (prod J. Brookinz) | Mediafire

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