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Jay-Z x Kanye West – Niggas in Paris (Video)

9 Feb

After performing the track umpteen times a night, Hov and Ye have chopped the live performance footage into a video that might induce seizures. Dope.

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Young Jeezy – I Do ft. Jay-Z and Andre 3000

18 Nov

This is easily the biggest let down I’ve heard all week.

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Just Blaze – Fool’s Gold Holiday Party Mix

16 Jan

One of the men that created Jay-Z’s Blueprint sound, Just Blaze is known for his soulful take on hip-hop, but the cats at Fool’s Gold got him to rock a set of house music at their recent holiday party.  The mix starts off w/ The Megatron Don running through the first few bars to his most influential tracks and then breaks for the land of house.  I wish more hip-hop producers had an appreciate for good, classic house tunes.

DOWNLOAD:  Just Blaze – Fool’s Gold Holiday Party Mix

Cookin’ Soul x Jay-Z x Game – The RED Album [Mixtape]

7 Jan

Cookin’ Soul always comes correct with their mixtape projects, and the RED Album follows in step with the rest.  CS’s ability to re-create tracks using the original samples for the tune and other pieces of inspiration is astounding.  The quality and thought behind each remix makes me dream of them actually producing a full length album.  These guys crate dig like NO ONE ELSE!

DOWNLOAD:  Cookin’ Soul x Jay-Z x Game – The RED Album [Mixtape]

The Real: Jay and the Beans Talk [Video]

3 Nov

Imma let you finish, but this is the best sandbox of all time!

Wow, this shit makes me want to start writing hip-hop children’s books.  I think my first would be a story about Lil Wayne and T.I. advocating gun safety, feel me?

Flick of the Week: Streets is Watching (1998)

15 Aug


This is the Roc-a-fella Records that I loved and now miss.  The street oriented Roc w/ Dame and Jay at it’s head.  I couldn’t find a great rip of this movie, but it is such a perfect marketing piece that I had to share it no matter the quality.  To all of you cats wanting to be emcees, this is the perfect marketing tool.  In this flick, Jay-Z sells you a complete narrative about his life.  At the end of it, its hard not to believe that Jay put in work way back in the day.  For any hip-hop head, this is a must have.

TORRENT:  Streets.Is.Watching.1998

Jay-Z vs. Nas – The Genesis of Beef [Mixtape]

19 Mar


Kevin Nottingham put together an interesting compilation of all the tracks that formed the Jay-Z/Nas beef, and I felt the need to share it.  I already had most of the tunes, but it was nice to have the whole conflict presented concisely in one place.  Dude’s analysis of the beef is a little pointless and feels like it was copied from a wiki, but the mixtape is solid and worth the download.  Oh yea, and you should also check out the interview where Jay-Z outlined his rules for attaining success.

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD:  Jay-Z vs. Nas – The Genesis of Beef [Mixtape]
Full story @ KevinNottingham.com

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Minty Fresh Beats presents Jay-Z x Radiohead – Jaydiohead

4 Jan


I feel like Jay-Z is the most popular target for mashup mixtapes because he tends to release acapella albums, but this piece of copy and paste is really fun.  Minty Fresh Beats artfully blend Radiohead instrumentals with Hova verses to create what might be the best Hovito mashup mixtape since the Grey Album.  Check it out and let me know wha you think.

DOWNLOAD: Minty Fresh Beats presents Jay-Z x Radiohead – Jaydiohead

Jay-Z Has 99 Problems and a Hotel Is One

30 Dec


The housing crunch has even hit the Jigga-man himself. According to the NY Times, Jay-Z’s plans to build a hotel in NYC have been squashed because his hotel developer, Charles Blaichman, is can’t secure the necessary scrilla. Blaichman needs to borrow an estimated $370 million, which would support three of his hotel ventures, including the “J Hotel.”

The two hooked up last year to begin the hotel venture, which was do-able at the time. The plan was to rent out a former Time Warner Cable warehouse in West Chelsea, which would be razed for Jay-Z’s new hotel.

Full Story @ Hip-Hop DX

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DJ Khaled – Go Hard [Remix ft. Jay-Z & Kanye West]

29 Dec


Hov rocks a nice remix (actual remix, not just re-edit) of Go Hard.  Must say that I have been super impressed by a lot of Jay’s recent releases/leaks/remixes/whatever.  Dude just needs to get over it and drop the album or at least a real promo mixtape.  Despite all of the hype on Detox, BP3 is what I am probably most hyped on besides the upcoming Clipse album (DJ Khalil & Kanye West ????).  BP3 is should be a great final release for Jay @ Def Jam, especially with all of the hits him and Kanye seem to keep turning out.

UPDATE:  A bunch of related tracks got leaked last night and I am not about to give each of them a separate post.  Consider this my Brooklyn love post.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Khaled – Go Hard (rmx) f. Jay-Z & Kanye West
BONUS:  Jay-Z x Notoious B.I.G. – Brooklyn (Go Hard) (Mash-Up)
BONUS:  Notorious B.I.G. – Microphone Murderer [Radio Rip]
BONUS:  MC Lyte – Brooklyn

Jay-Z – Brooklyn Go Hard ft. Santogold

1 Dec

Shake and Meka drop this new joint produced by Kanye for Hov.  I dont even care who says that I stole this post.  Fuck it.  This tune is hot and had to be dropped.  The beat is very reminiscent of Swagga Like Us but instead features Santogold.  So if Santogold is the new MIA, does that mean she has another three years to go before her entire album gets raped by rappers that don’t see beyond Billboard charts?  Seriously, it pisses me off that MIA has been making great music for the past few years, and now that Paper Planes was featured on Pineapple Express’s trailer every hood rapper wants to ride her beats.  Santogold = MIA 2 Years Ago = Santogold Getting Raped in 2009.

Wanna kick off your Monday morning the right way? Download this shit right now before Monday atually happens. Looks like Santogold is gonna be the new M.I.A. too. Off the Notorious soundtrack. Props to LowKey.

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z – Brooklyn Go Hard f. Santogold | Mediafire

Jay-Z – Dead Presidents [Video]

20 Nov

Back when Dame and Jay used to get money by the dufflebag.

Jay-Z – History

7 Nov

Meka said it best:

Do I really need to have a long-winded diatribe about this one? Props to Legend.

… I agree.

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z – History [Dirty/CDQ] | Mediafire

Coldplay – Lost (Remix) ft. Jay-Z

16 Oct

Shake and Mekka don’t drop shit all week that’s worth mentioning, and then today they drop 4 joints I had to post.

No, I’m not fully back but I wanted to drop this off. Even in moving I still drop that hot shit haha. Hov jumps on the remix to Coldplay’s single. I’m a bit tight and you’ll know why after the song finishes. Wtf? Shouts to DJ Skee for the heads up and Ryan Seacrest for the audio? Yep, Shake straight ripped from his podcast haha.

DOWNLOAD: Coldplay – Lost (rmx) f. Jay-Z | MediaFire

M.I.A. – Boys (Remix) f. Wale and Jay-Z

10 Oct

From Shake and Mekka:

And so it begins… Wale jumps on M.I.A.’s Boys as well. But atleast we have a backstory courtesy of elitaste:

So back in June of 2007 Wale met with Jay while he was still at Def Jam. On the way out of the meeting, MIA’s “Boyz” video came on TV and Jay jokingly said to Wale, “Man I should test you with that beat” as they were walking onto the elevator. Wale had been touring Europe with Ronson for about 2 months at this point and had hung out with MIA so he was already savvy. He went and recorded to it the next day. That song ended up becoming The Bmore Club Slam which Scottie B produced (featured on Mixtape About Nothing). Well, with the recent success of MIA’s “Paper Planes” thanks to the Pineapple Express trailer, Interscope is re-releasing her album with “Boyz” as a single…again. Interscope asked Wale to do a remix and I guess Jay-Z and Akon did ones too. Well now that Jay’s is out we thought, hey, let’s put this out with the verse Wale recorded 3 weeks ago and a brand new verse he recorded today. So below you can find the newest version, the 2007 version and the Bmore version.

DOWNLOAD: M.I.A. – Boys (rmx) f. Wale | 2007 | Bmore
BONUS: M.I.A. – Boys (rmx) f. Jay-Z [NoTags]

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