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What the Bleep – Selection of Soldier (Mix)

2 Feb

Mix from tonight’s Altered Thurzdaze headliner.

Tracklist below.

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Jon Kwest – LIGHTER!: Moombahton vs Jungle! (Free Remixes)

14 Dec

I want to start this post by saying that I would have never known about it unless Doc Scott had made a fuss about it on Twitter. No offense, but you live in the age of the internet and Garage Band. Any kid with a computer can chop up your music, remix, and distribute it. Honestly, unless DS planned on releasing moombah remixes of the tracks featured, he should STFU and be happy someone is bringing his classic tune to a new generation. This is whats wrong with the old guard of artists. They’re too worried about their $$ instead of embracing the DIY movements in music.

Anyway, shouts to Jon Kwest for two solid compilations.

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD: Jon Kwest – LIGHTER!: Moombahton vs Jungle! (Free Remixes) Pt. 1 | Pt. 2

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Sum – Prayer For Glitch

15 Feb

Amen madman Sum returns with his new EP What’s Wrong? and on iQ Entertainment!:

The new EP from drum-n-bass/jungle/dubstep producer is a masterpiece of erie samples, crazy Amen breaks and lovely gooey gobs of bass!  Released in early January by iQ Entertainment on Beatport, What’s Wrong is a welcomed returned to creative, somewhat lo-fi, dubstep and jungle.  As iQD008, What’s Wrong? blends great dubstep tracks like “Rouan” and “Prayer for Glitch” with Amen anthems “What’s Wrong?” and “Ruffed Up Dub” with the 8bit throwback “Castlevania”.  Whether you’re a fan of dubstep, drum-n-bass, breakcore, jungle, glitch, or random noise, this the EP from Jeff Bright has something for you!

Sum aka SuMoNe aka Jeff Bright has been turning out killer cuts for the past several years w/ releases on Dubplatelet and Mos-Hi and upcoming releases on Renegade, Planet Mu, and iQ Entertainment.  Sum rose to fame with monstrous track “Reckless” on his own label Mos-Hi.  He followed up his initial success with constant touring of Europe and the United Sates up through 2008.  Since 2008, Jeff has taken a break from production.  Rumor has it that bass lovers around the world should be watching for his much anticipated return in 2011!


DONWLOAD: Sum – Prayer For Glitch | SoundCloud
PURCHASE AT BEATPORT: iQD008: Sum – What’s Wrong? | SoundCloud


Keeno – Winding

16 Jan

iQ Entertainment is proud to introduce new-comer Keeno to the world of drum-n-bass with his epic single Winding:

Every once and a while a new producer emerges that commands the ears of the upper echelon of music, and Keeno is quickly establishing himself with that voice.  iQD007 is Keeno’s debut drum-n-bass release featuring his lovely tunes “Winding” and “Hurt”.  Both are emotional, piano driven pieces with “Winding” being a more sentimental piece and “Hurt” living up to it’s name.  Additionally, “Hurt” finds the young musician singing the heartfelt lyrics featured on the song.  Due to Keeno’s profound understanding of musical theory, this release is for everyone from drum-n-bass heads to classical music listeners.

Keeno aka Will Keen began his musical training at quite a young age, beginning as choir boy and later learning piano by ear.  Will’s interests turned towards drum-n-bass and dubstep after discovering the sounds of High Contrast and the rest of Hospital Records in his early the teens.  Taking what he knew about classical music, Keeno began crafting his first bass oriented tunes, and within weeks, the young man from Winchester began quite a stir on Sound Cloud.  With his amazing ability to craft melodies, Keeno brings a refreshing classiness to dance music that is often missing in today’s barrage of mechanical drums and aggressive basslines.  We at iQ Entertainment are truly proud to introduce you to Keeno!


DOWNLOAD: Keeno – Hurt | SoundCloud
PREVIEW ON SOUND CLOUD: Keeno – Winding (Single)
PURCHASE ON BEATPORT: Keeno – Winding (Single)


Camo UFOs – Lighta! Vol. 1 [Mixtape]

1 Mar

Keeping up w/ the early 90s comeback, it would seem that jungle is due for a resurrection.  With that said … here comes Camo UFOs from LA.  The duo comes with you might call a fresh old school sound of when amens ruled the DnB landscape.  Back when the only names you needed to know came with a Metalheadz logo.  I’m really digging this … hopefully you do too!

Tracklist below.

DOWNLOAD:  Camo UFOs – Lighta! Vol. 1 [Mixtape]

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Random Movement – Podcast #4

7 Jan

My favorite liquid funk nutter from Ohio dropped the most recent edition of his podcast some time ago.  It’s a nice blend of the hottest liquid funk tunes currently out or about to be out.  And per any liquid funk tape I posted here, there’s at least one Dave Owen tune.

I rep Indy!

Tracklist below.

DOWNLOAD:  Random Movement – Podcast #4

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Random Movement – Podcast 001

28 Sep


Recently, one of my favorite contemporary stateside producers dropped his first podcast.  I assume this is in preparation of his first full length release coming in early 2010 on Innerground.  With monster liquid-funk tunes, this mix is great for nearly every occasion.  Also make sure to pay special attention to the unreleased tune by Dave Owen and Glen E Ston.  Gotta rep for the Nap!

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD:  Random Movement – Podcast 001

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Kemistry & Storm – DJ Kicks [Mixtape]

18 May


10 years ago drum-n-bass lost an angel when a cat’s eye flew threw the windshield of a car and instantly killed Kemistry.  As a founding member of the seminal Metalheadz label, Kemistry was well known within the jungle community as a skilled producer and dj.  In memory of her, DOA recently decided to provide her final mix with DJ Storm as a free download.  If you miss drum-n-bass from the late 90s, then this mix is for you with massive hits from the likes of Dom & Roland, DJ Die, Jonny L, and John B.

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD: Kemistry & Storm – DJ Kicks [Mixtape]

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Rufige Kru in the Studio

11 Apr

It kinda rips off Dipset the Movie, but all in all I kinda think its funny.  Also, I haven’t posted much DnB here recently.

Random Movement – DnBForum.nl Podcast #19 [Mixtape]

20 Mar


Figured I would give you a dnb post since I have been slacking a bit on it this week, and there is no one better to fill that slot than Random Movement.  Mike has always been good peoples as far as I am concerned, so I will always support his music.  In addition, RM tends to drop a track by Indy’s own Dave Owen in every set.

Tracklist below after the jump.

DOWNLOAD:  Random Movement – DnBForum.nl Podcast #19 [Mixtape]

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Hive – Hip Hop 2023 [Mix]

15 Mar


I have been on the hunt for this mix for a few months now and had a lot of trouble getting it, so when I finally tracked down a copy of it today, I had to share it with everyone.  Supposedly there were only around 1000 copies of this mix pressed, and Celestial Records doesn’t exist anymore; this is a rare treat.  It seems like LA dnb has always been my type of jungle, because it tends to blend techy beats with hip hop vocals.  Hive did exactly that with this mix.

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD: Hive – Hip Hop 2023 [Mix]

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Aaron Jay – Influence Records Podcast #2

4 Jan


Aaron Jay mixes everything from Photek to Commix to Dave Owen for the second Influence Records Podcast.  You guessed it, this podcast is filled with mostly future soul and liquid funk.  What can I say, its the lighter side of dnb thats actually interesting these days.  Another reason this mix is a good look is because it features 2 tunes from Indy’s own Dave Owen.  He recently brought the heat closing for Dieselboy @ Talbott Street on December 11th.  Hit the jump for a tracklist.

DOWNLOAD: Aaron Jay – Influence Records Podcast #2

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Atlantic Connection – Morning Sex Mix

27 Oct

In preparation of a busy fall for WestBay, Atlantic Connection has prepared a mini-mix for everyone to check out.  I think is always worth the download.  Gotta love anyone pushing future soul!

This is dedicated to those special women that like a dick first thing in the morning.

FUCK, 2 dnb posts in a row … gotta find something new!

DOWNLOAD: Atlantic Connection – “Morning Sex” Mix 09/2008 | mirror | mirror

Grooverider is BACK on BBC Radio 1!

27 Oct

Grooverider back in Session! Here is a quick interview and some background info in case you have missed the whole story. The world has (not) changed. History.

Unless you have been under a drum-n-bass rock for the past year, you likely know that Groove was arrested in Dubai for a small amount of tree.  Recently he was pardoned and is now back on the air after a year “vacation.”  This set looks very run of the mill.  Not many new tunes by new comers like Dave Owen, who has been featured in Fabio’s recent mixes.  Give it a listen, has Grooverider gotten better or worse?

DOWNLOAD: Fabio and Grooverider IN THE MIX @ BBC Radio1 19/08/2008 | mirror

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Unknown Artist – Sucker Love [2Pac Jungle Bootleg]

16 Oct

This track magically appeared in my downloads folder last week, and I felt like I needed to share it w/ everyone.  Its a nice smooth liquid funk dnb track that features some classic Pac vocals.  Check the Bobby Cauldwell sample.  Listen for this shit on Fabio’s Radio 1 show this weekend!

DOWNLOAD: Unknown Artist – Sucker Love

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