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Jay-Z x Kanye West – Niggas in Paris (Video)

9 Feb

After performing the track umpteen times a night, Hov and Ye have chopped the live performance footage into a video that might induce seizures. Dope.

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Kanye West – Welcome to Heartbreak ft. Kid Cudi [Kelly Dean Remix]

12 Oct

kid cudi x kanye west

About a month ago a new remix Kanye and Cudi’s hit Welcome to Heartbreak by Kelly Dean was posted on Media Contender.  This is a lovely little dubstep bootleg that somehow enhances the melancholy nature of the original.  And considering it was mastered by Indy’s own dubstep extraordinaire Symbl, I figured it was high time that I posted it here.  If you are in with dubstep this is a must have!

DOWNLOAD:  Kanye West – Welcome to Heartbreak ft. Kid Cudi [Kelly Dean Remix]

TsimFuckus – Go Hard [Video]

10 Jun

This has to be the funniest shit on the internet this week.  Does this kid really have some sort of facial deformity?  I mean … his stomach penis is rather prominent, so he may very well have some legitimate deformities.

Clipse – Kinda Like a Big Deal ft. Kanye West [Prod. by DJ Khalil]

20 Apr


After hearing about a collab featuring the Brothers Thorton and Kanye West on a DJ Khalil beat three months ago, I went nuts!  Who hasn’t wanted to hear Clipse on some ill shit produced by someone other than the Neptunes.  The track finally leaks today, and I feel hella let down.  I love the Clipse.  Pusha and Malice are the best in the crack rap game, and Pusha might be up one of the top 10 writers working today, period.  However, this tune is fairly lacking.  I know they want a radio friendly banger, but this tune is only slightly better than Fast Lane or whatever from this summer.  To make it even worse, Kanye lyrically shows up both of the Clipse on this tune.  Hopefully whatever they did with Hitmen is better.

Link jacked from the 2dopeboyz.

DOWNLOAD:  Clipse – Kinda Like a Big Deal ft. Kanye West [Prod. by DJ Khalil]

Kanye West – Gay Fish

13 Apr

I would feel like a terrible blogger if I didn’t go ahead and post this considering I have spent the past few days talking about gay fish.  As a bonus I have included a download of the audio.

DOWNLOAD:  Kanye West – Gay Fish | Mediafire

Kanye West – Love Lockdown [Jayvon Remix]

28 Mar


I have been wanting to post this old tune that Jay did w/ Donnis, but I have been slacking on hitting him up for it.  I know Love Lockdown has been remixed to hell, but Mr Vaughn took an interesting take on the tune, and I wanted to give everyone a heads up that the recent Perfecto signee will be playing here sometime this summer.  Can’t wait!  I’m gonna take him hooker hunting on E. 10th St. again!

DOWNLOAD:  Kanye West – Love Lockdown [Jayvon Remix]

Kid Delicious – American Zombies Crash-Up

30 Dec


Went out drinking last night with the Stewbot, and he told me that he was cooking up a special mashup for his set on January 29th @ Money, Hoes, & Clothes presents Designer Drugs!  I immediately asked if I could give download to all of the MHC readers, and Stew was down.  The track is over all fun.  I love it.  Throw it on a decent and feel the bass.  Prepare for that feeling on a much more massive scale in exactly a month from today!

UPDATE:  This is just an early cut of the tune.  Will post the finished version later.

UPDATE:  Got the final version of the tune, and it now features Kanye’s verse from American Boys.  Seriously, this shit is hot.  I am leaving the original up as a bonus download, but you definitely need to cop the official mash-up.

DOWNLOAD: Kid Delicious – American Zombies Crash-Up
BONUS:  Tyler Stewart x MHC x Designer Drugs – Money, Hoes, & Clothes Zombies Crashup

DJ Khaled – Go Hard [Remix ft. Jay-Z & Kanye West]

29 Dec


Hov rocks a nice remix (actual remix, not just re-edit) of Go Hard.  Must say that I have been super impressed by a lot of Jay’s recent releases/leaks/remixes/whatever.  Dude just needs to get over it and drop the album or at least a real promo mixtape.  Despite all of the hype on Detox, BP3 is what I am probably most hyped on besides the upcoming Clipse album (DJ Khalil & Kanye West ????).  BP3 is should be a great final release for Jay @ Def Jam, especially with all of the hits him and Kanye seem to keep turning out.

UPDATE:  A bunch of related tracks got leaked last night and I am not about to give each of them a separate post.  Consider this my Brooklyn love post.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Khaled – Go Hard (rmx) f. Jay-Z & Kanye West
BONUS:  Jay-Z x Notoious B.I.G. – Brooklyn (Go Hard) (Mash-Up)
BONUS:  Notorious B.I.G. – Microphone Murderer [Radio Rip]
BONUS:  MC Lyte – Brooklyn

Kanye West – Amazin’ x Streetlights x Tell Everybody That You Know

11 Nov


The leaks keep rolling out from Kanye’s new album 808s and Heartbreak.  With 6 tracks from his upcoming album already circulating the internetz, I am wondering how Kanye’s album sales will do.  Will this have the same hype creating effect tha Carter III experienced?  All I know is that Kanye needs to put “Good Ass Job” out ASAP.  I dont know how much of this Auto Tune shit I can take.  Hell, even T-Pain called out the end of Auto Tune on the remix he recently did Justin Timberlake.

Also make sure to catch the interview he did about his inspiration for this album “heartbreak.”

PS. Copped the links from 2dopeboyz.com

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DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – Amazin’ f. Young Jeezy | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – Streetlights | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – Tell Everybody That You Know f. Lil Wayne | Mediafire

Kanye West – Heartless [Animated Video]

7 Nov

Diggin it.  Too bad the vid will be booted from youtube by the time i publish this post.

DJ Khaled – Go Hard (rmx) f. Kanye West, T-Pain & Twista

30 Oct

From ya 2dopeboyz Shake & Mekka:

Twista adds his Chi-Town flow to the T-West track that dropped awhile back. Shouts to KNOWxONE.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Khaled – Go Hard (rmx) f. Kanye West, T-Pain & Twista

Kanye West – Cold Winter x What It Is x RoboCop

25 Oct

Considering I got hit with 3 C & D’s last week, I am not about to post a direct download link for this shit, but I will link you to the 2dopeboyz.com post that features a link to all 3.  RoboCop and Cold Winter are exactly what I expected … more Kanye x Autotune, but What It Is is a nice, traditional hip-hop track.  Too bad Shake and Mekka say it wont be on the album.

Shake and Mekka’s Post w/ Download Links

Kanye’s Inspiration for Love Lockdown?

12 Oct

Doesn’t this shit sound familiar?  Hit the jump for a comparison.

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Jay-Z – Jockin Jay-Z [Produced by Kanye West]

12 Aug

I haven’t posted too much from 2dopeboyz.com over the past couple of weeks because very little has really been catching my ear, but ever since I saw the video of their performance at GITD in NYC, I have been dying to get my hands on this tune. Jockin’ Jay-P, Jockin’ Jay-P!

Originally from 2dopeboyz:

I’m so (2)dopeboy fresh!

It’s here! The mix does sound a bit off so I believe Kanye will be tweaking a few things, but the CDQ version has arrived. Shouts to bobo for dropping it. It’s the clean but it will do fuckas. I’ll just make a new post when the explicit arrives haha. UPDATE: That wasn’t long at all. Explicit has been added. Blueprint 3 bitches!

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z – Jockin’ Jay-Z (prod. Kanye West) | MediaFire [Clean/CDQ]
DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z – Jockin’ Jay-Z (prod. Kanye West) | MediaFire [DIRTY/CDQ]

Now Jeezy is Attacking FOX News … Srsly?!

25 Jul

Are you fucking with me? When did one of the biggest proponents of crack-rap develop a social conscience? Or is this him just being shitty for FOX News trying to get his first album banned?

Oh yea, I included the video for Put On that was the subject of the interview linked below.

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