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Lemi Vice x Knife Fight – The Knife Vice Moombahton EP

14 Mar

The homies Spencer and E really fucking killed this one. Congrats to them on breaking into Beatport’s Top 10 Electro House releases yesterday!

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Lemi Vice x Knife Fight – Moombra (Filthy Disco Remix)

1 Mar

Filthy Disco remix of Knife Vice’s “Moombra”. Knife Vices’s new EP is out Monday on Rad Summer.

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Rihanna – We Found Love (Lemi Vice Remix)

29 Jan

Lemi Vice has cooked up this free dubstep bootleg of Rihanna’s “We Found Love”. Watch for his tune “Gorilla Revolution” to drop on Rad Summer in the next month or so.

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Diplo – Horsey (Lemi Vice & Knife Fight’s The Fture of Music Remix)

8 Jan

It’s the famous Mr. Ed!

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Dave Owen – Hoes & Shows EP

14 Nov

It’s been a crazy ride watching Dave Owen ascend to the upper echelon of drum-n-bass over the past few years,   His latest EP is a collection of the producer’s older work, but all in all it’s well worth the purchase.


PURCHASE: RS005 – Dave Owen – “Hoes & Shows” EP | SoundCloud
PREVIEW MIX: RS005 – Dave Owen – “Hoes & Shows” EP

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