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Diplo – Express Yourself ft. Nicky Da B (Video)

13 Mar

Diplo provides the visual to his Nicky Da B assisted Sissy Bounce tune.

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Bird Peterson – Drankenstein 3 (Mix)

13 Mar

More thugged out trance music from Bird Peterson and Mad Decent.

Tracklist below.

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BBU – Bell Hooks (Mixtape)

1 Mar

Here is the full mixtape to which they’ve been dropping singles for a few months.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging as much the past week or so.

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Rusko – Somebody to Love (Skream Remix)

20 Feb

If there was ever an instance of one genre powerhouse remixing another, it would be this remix by Skream of Rusko’s “Somebody to Love”.

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BBU – Beau Sia

20 Feb

Missed this last week, sorry. BBU’s new mixtape “Bell Hooks” should be out tomorrow for free download. I’ll try to be a bit more timely.


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Joelito – Sickhead (JEFF008)

14 Feb

I’ve never heard of 3ball, but the rhythms here are fucking nuts. More please!

DONWLOAD: Joelito – Sickhead (JEFF008)

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Diplo x Heroes & Villains x Mayhem present FKi – Transformers N the Hood (Mixtape)

1 Feb

I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea bring the trap to a rave, but this might be on of the best hip-hop / dance music crossover projects of recent history. FKi keeps it 100% trill over some dope heavy bass beats. With production from Diplo, Mayhem, and HxV, the low end never quits thumping on this release. Video up top is for their track “On a Roll”.

DOWNLOAD: Diplo x Heroes & Villains x Mayhem present FKi – Transformers N the Hood (Mixtape)

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Zebra Katz – Ima Read

23 Jan

The first non-moombah release from Jeffree’s.  Love the video, and the track is actually fairly dope too.

DOWNLOAD: Zebra Katz – Ima Read (Jeff006)

Rusko – Somebody to Love (Video)

17 Jan

Looks like Rusko has taken up the Mad Decent mantra of making creepy dance music videos for his upcoming single “Somebody to Love”.  The drum-n-bass snare build up makes me really fucking happy!

Sticky K – Persian Algebra

8 Jan

JEFF005 features a Middle Eastern take on moombahton from Sticky K, which is an amazing name. Who doesn’t like to get a sticky with a little K?!

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Sam Tiba – Jesery Club Mix Vol. 2

16 Dec

Sam Tiba linked up with Mad Decent, Brick Bandits, and Cool Records for the second volume of his Jersey Club mix series. If you haven’t been introduced to Jersey Club music yet, then this is a great intro to the Bmore related genre that features even more epic synths! Watch for more Jersey Club madness from Cool Records when Flufftronix and Dirty South Joe officially launch the label in 2012!

Tracklist after cut.

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RiFF RaFF – Golden Streets (Music Video)

15 Dec

Today must be Crazy White Boy Day or some shit. No sooner do I get done posting Rich Hil’s new project I get notice that Riff Raff has uploaded his newest masterpiece. I can dig it, but “Rice Out” was way better.

Equality through ignorance!

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Bro Safari – Da Worm [JEFF002]

14 Dec

The second release from Mad Decent’s new label Jeffree’s comes from Evol Intent and Ludachrist contributor Knick in his Bro Safari moniker producing some serious moombahton. I think I’m going to start bouncing around my room now.

DOWNLOAD: Bro Safari – Da Worm [JEFF002]
PREVIOUS: Expendable Youth – Heyo! [JEFF001]

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Major Lazer – Original Don (Video)

8 Dec

Major Lazer gets weird with their new music video for “Original Don” with some choreographed bladed weapon forms.

BBU – Jumpers

8 Dec

New BBU. Looks like they’re gearing up for an album release!

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