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Bobby Tre – Nintendo 64

4 Mar

Found this shit over at BakedLife… Dame Dash’s nephew and Bobby Dash’s son is jumping into the rap game. The post also makes mention of Bobby Tre being a cannabis merchant…I wonder if that has anything to do with Kareem “Biggs” Burke getting popped for mad tree in 2010.

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King Fantastic – Bonfire Sessions (Video)

3 Mar

New video for King Fantastic’s “Bonfire Sessions” featuring oddly dressed hipster chicks and the robot from Lost In Space. Some ill merch is coming out for this vid too…I’ll post it in the next few days.

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Old Man Smokes Herb for the First Time Ever (Video)

17 Feb

Yes, I love watching old people get and realize what they’ve been missing all of their lives. This might even be better than when I got blazed with my pops.

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Yelawolf – Marijuana (Video)

8 Feb

Yelawolf keeps rolling out videos from his album Radioactive. This seems more Yela than the video for “Let’s Roll”.

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Joan Rivers High as a Kite! (Video)

5 Feb

This is awesome. I wish my 78 yr old grandmother would get stoned. In a separate interview, Joan claims to have gotten high with Betty White!

Bronx Building Filled with 600 Marijuana Plants

2 Feb

The pale five-story brick building, on a drab residential block, looks like many others in the Bronx. But every floor, the police said, was devoted to a single purpose: growing marijuana.

Investigators discovered 593 marijuana plants on Tuesday in a raid of the building, at 610 Morris Park Avenue, in the Van Nest neighborhood, the police said. Three men were arrested, they said, in connection with the so-called grow house.

Further down in the article the article it is mentioned that all of the package was done on the top floor. These dudes were running the Carter of weed!

Full story.

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Principal and Football Coach Arrested As Masterminds in Pot Ring

25 Jan

Saw this shit on CNN earlier today, and the officer admitted that the amount involved was like 15 pounds over 5 years. The kid across the street from me probably goes through that in 5 days. This really shouldn’t have made national news.

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Sam Hurd: Athlete Turned Gangsta

18 Dec

You hear about new rapper that wants to pretend they’re a gangster every other day of the week, but with all of the money pro athletes make, it is not often you hear of a baller turning to crime. This past week Chicago Bears player Sam Hurd made the epic jump from the scrimmage line to the lineup by attempting to buy kilos of cocaine and thousands of pounds from tree. Maybe someone will get a “Free Sam Hurd” tattoo on their face..

Full story at ESPN.

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Your Grandparents Might Smoke More Dope Than You!

28 Feb

A recent poll reported that more than 5% of all retired people smoke marijuana.  That means there are nearly 3x as many more dope smoking seniors.  That’s awesome, because seniors tend to vote way more than the rest of the population.  This number is expected to grow as Boomers reach the age of retirement over the next few years.

Full story @ Indy Star.

Door-to-Door Weed Salesman?

20 Nov

Recently an idiot Texan decided that it would be a good idea to go slang some grass door-to-door.  Guy was just walking down the street w/ 3 ounces of herb, a set of scales, and some baggies trying to serve people.  Well he did until he was arrested after knocking on a cop’s door and trying to serve the cop.  Lord knows we all make some mistakes as kids.  I mean … I definitely opened the door for some individuals I shouldn’t have, but who the fuck goes door-to-door?

Full story @ the Brownsville Herald.

Texan School Bus Caught Hauling a Ton of Dope

13 Oct


A school bus was pulled over in Texas the other day, and when the police searched the passenger vehicle, the only passengers were bricks of dope.  The driver took off on foot and somehow got away.  The total shipment was valued around $1.5 mill, so I am assuming this was some Mexican brick bullshit.  Drug smugglers are becoming rather ingenious lately.

Full story @ MyFox Houston.

UK Kingpin Snatched Again for Herb Smuggling

7 Oct


Curtis “Cocky” Warren, formerly one of richest men in Britain prior to his arrest in 97, was arrested again recently for conspiracy to import hundreds of pounds of marijuana to the small island of Jersey off the coast of Britain.  In the 90s, Warren was a Liverpool gangster that fronted as a property developer.  When this guy was originally arrested, he was caught with millions of dollars in coke, heroin, cannabis, and ecstasy.  Cocky then did a decade stretch in a Dutch prison.  Supposedly this cat has links to the Colombian cartels and Dutch smugglers in addition to nearly half a billion in hidden assets.  My question is this, if you have that much already and just got done spending 10 years behind bards, why in the world would you jump BACK into the game?

Full story @ Telegraph.co.uk

Smuggling Ganja as Jamaican Dub Plates [Video]

7 Oct

This is fucking classic!  Totally reminds me of something a raver would have tried about 10 years ago.

Columbus, Ohio Man Sentenced to 10 Years for Getting Toddler Stoned

24 Sep


Recently, a 19 year old in the Columbus, Ohio area was arrested for getting a toddler stoned.  I’m not really sure how I feel about this.  It’s probably not the best thing to get a toddler high.  I would fear that you would at least give the kid asthma kinda like I did to my cat.  However, 10 muthafuckin’ years?  Thats some TIME!  And this kid is young enough that we all know he’s gonna get raped.  Hmmmm…..

Full story @ the Telegraph

Whitney Houston Admits to Smoking Primos

15 Sep


If you are like me, then you probably missed Whitney’s interview with Oprah this week where she admitted to smoking primos or marijuana laced with crack as she called it.  I’m sitting here wondering if that’s really outrageous behavior or did I just grow up a degenerate.  That doesn’t really phase me.  I know a lot of people that have smoked herb laced w/ blow at some point in time in their life.  I was hoping for tales of Whitney and Bobby sucking on a glass dick while having knock-down, drag-out FIST FIGHTS!  Nope, I got this weak shit that sounded more like a story from the trailer park than a celebrity confession.

Oh, and a few months I asked whether or not people would hit (“fuck”) Whitney, and there was a resounding negative response.  How does everyone feel about that now?

Full story @ the Sun

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