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The Hood Internet – The Hood x Dialogue, Inc. [Mixtape]

8 Nov


Yes, this mix is kinda old.  However, I’m posting it more to raise awareness about MOKB x Muzique Boutique’s show w/ the Hood Internet @ Blu in Indy in December.  Yep that’s right folks, MB is back to throwing some of the best dance music events in the city.  Rumor has it that some silly n00b dissed Slater & John, and now MB is back w/ a vengeance.

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNOAD:  The Hood Internet – The Hood x Dialogue, Inc. [Mixtape]

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Villa Diamante – Dubsteperismo [Mixtape]

5 Jul


Recently Argentinian mashup producer released a three disc album entitled Empacho Digital (translated Digital Stomachache) for free.  I wasn’t really feeling the other two discs, but his dubstep disc is a great blend of instrumentals from producers like Skream and Benga w/ reggaeton and other Latin American vocal stylings.  I’m not a huge fan of world music, but this stuff is fairly ill and deserves at least a listen.

DOWNLOAD:  Villa Diamante – Dubsteperismo [Mixtape]

Kid Delicious – Yeah We Made You

11 Apr


Kid Delicious just shot over there newest mash-up masterpiece.  For those of you weren’t feeling Toxic Stanky Leg, this blend of Usher’s Yeah and Eminem’s new single We Made You should be redeeming enough for you to jump back on the KD bandwagon.  If you like the tune, make sure to come out for Kid Delicious’ new monthly M*A*S*H at Spin Nightclub on April 29th w/ special guest Grey Granite!

DOWNLOAD:  Kid Delicious – Yeah We Made You

Action Jackson – February ’09 [Mixtape]

11 Apr


Villains is coming up this week, so I wanted you to get another taste of what kinda mayhem will be hitting the dance floor.  Here is Action Jackson’s most recent mix for you to peep.  AJ always comes through with a diverse track selection of hiphop, mashup, club, and other danceable cuts.

Tracklist below.

DOWNLOAD:  Action Jackson – February ’09 [Mixtape]

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The Glitch Mob – Crush Mode [Mixtape]

3 Apr


I feel bad because I am always trying to stay up on all of my favorite artists or anyone that I am interested in bringing through Indianapolis, I have been contemplating bringing edIT here for a minute, and I missed this release by the Mob in Janauary.  For anyone into glitch or mashup, the Gitch Mob has been ahead of the curve for years, and this mix keeps them in that position.  My only complaint is this … a single member of TGM for a DJ set is not worth $2k on a Thursday night.  Oh well, I hope everyone enjoys the mix.

DOWNLOAD:  The Glitch Mob – Crush Mode [Mixtape]

DJ Cable – The Mash Down Vol. 2 [Mixtape]

2 Apr


DJ Cable is back with his newest mixtape The Mash Dow vol. 2 that I picked up over at AwwReady.edu.  All in all, I really dig the mix.  It features a little bit of everything including some dubstep and electro all mashed up with hip-hop.

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD:  DJ Cable – The Mash Down Vol. 2 [Mixtape]

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Kid Delicious – Toxic Stanky Leg

13 Mar


My dude Stew just kicked me his latest Kid Delicious mash-up Toxic Stanky Leg.  I think the track is funny, but dude definitely wasn’t fronting when he Facebooked the other day that he was taking bad tracks and making them worse.  I will definitely say that I would rather hear this mashup than either of the original tunes.

DOWNLOAD: Kid Delicious – Toxic Stanky Leg

Tyler Stewart – Big Silly Mix

14 Jan


The infamous Tyler Stewart debuted his new Big Silly Mix on the Circle City Mixshow the other day, and I meant to pust it up but have been slacking.  If you listened to Stew’s mashup of zombies, then you kinda know what to expect out of homie (a lot of hip-hop acapellas and house remixes).  Overall, I really dig the track selection but feel like it was mixed a bit slow.  I give it a big brotastic 3/4 Wii controllers.

Oh, and come see Stew play @ Designer Drugs on January 29th!

DOWNLOAD: Tyler Stewart – Big Silly Mix

Squincy Jones – Nintendub

30 Dec


Ok, so I know I’m relatively late on posting this, but I’m not a total dubstep fanboy like some people I know. *cough, cough*

Houston’s mash-up/dubstep dj Squincy Jones creates a heavy bass masterpiece that brings together everything fun about subwoffers including a touch of chopped and screwed.  His blog AwwReady.edu is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs to watch for heavy bass tunes … remember that Kid Cudi remix last week?  Give the kid a listen and let me know what you think.  He’s gonna be making an appearance in Indy on Saturday, March 7th @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge.

DOWNLOAD: Squincy Jones – Nintendub
BONUS: Squincy Jones x Dayta – MK ULTRA

Kid Delicious – American Zombies Crash-Up

30 Dec


Went out drinking last night with the Stewbot, and he told me that he was cooking up a special mashup for his set on January 29th @ Money, Hoes, & Clothes presents Designer Drugs!  I immediately asked if I could give download to all of the MHC readers, and Stew was down.  The track is over all fun.  I love it.  Throw it on a decent and feel the bass.  Prepare for that feeling on a much more massive scale in exactly a month from today!

UPDATE:  This is just an early cut of the tune.  Will post the finished version later.

UPDATE:  Got the final version of the tune, and it now features Kanye’s verse from American Boys.  Seriously, this shit is hot.  I am leaving the original up as a bonus download, but you definitely need to cop the official mash-up.

DOWNLOAD: Kid Delicious – American Zombies Crash-Up
BONUS:  Tyler Stewart x MHC x Designer Drugs – Money, Hoes, & Clothes Zombies Crashup

Kid Cudi – Day N Nite [Hold the Phone Remix by Jayou]

20 Dec


Just found this grimey-ass dubstep remix of Kid Cudi’s most well known tune over at Awwready.edu.  If you are into dubstep/mashup/glitch-hop shit, then give it a listen.

DOWNLOAD: Jayou – Day N Nite
BONUS: Jayou – Crack Hands
BONUS: Jayou – Ghost

Ludachrist Live @ the Roxy Theater in Hollywood!

4 Aug

I got these in my email last night from Ludachrist’s manager.  Ludachrist is a mashup collaboration between two of the hottest producers in American dance music, Knick of Evol Intent and Ewun aka Kill The Noise.  From the video, it looks like their live show is based around fun just as much as their mix.  The videos were shot at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood sometime recently

Hit the jump for a download link to their mix Bangfest and more video!

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