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Daft Punk x Treasure Fingers – Digital Dancefloor (Dorsh Mashup)

17 Jan

The homie Dorsh blended a couple of classic house tunes into a tasty mashup. Nice work!

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Shiftee – Cluster Mix 008

17 Jan

Shiftee’s mix for CLuster Mag finds the deejay combining hip-hop anthems with quirky underground beats.

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The Hood Internet – The Hood Internet (Album)

7 Dec

A few months back, The Hood Internet dropped the BBU and Das Racist assisted single “Please No Pictures”. This week THI dropped their self-titled debut album w/ the help of Mishka. With contributions from artists like Freddie Gibbs, Ninjasonik, and Foster The People, The Hood Internet has crafted a fairly impressive project.

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Kid Delicious – Little Secret Whistles

7 Jan

I’m finally starting to clear out all of the stuff I’ve been meaning to post for the past … month.  A few days ago, Kid Delicious aka Slater Hogan shot me his most recent track, a mashup of Too Short and Passion Pit.  I like the direction he went with the tune.  The blend of indie dance music and West Coast gangsta rap makes for a catchy and extremely DJ friendly piece.

If you are in Indy, make sure you come out for Old Man Hogan’s bday and the return of Hood Internet on February 11th @ Blu.

DOWNLOAD:  Kid Delicious – Little Secret Whistles

Cookin’ Soul x Jay-Z x Game – The RED Album [Mixtape]

7 Jan

Cookin’ Soul always comes correct with their mixtape projects, and the RED Album follows in step with the rest.  CS’s ability to re-create tracks using the original samples for the tune and other pieces of inspiration is astounding.  The quality and thought behind each remix makes me dream of them actually producing a full length album.  These guys crate dig like NO ONE ELSE!

DOWNLOAD:  Cookin’ Soul x Jay-Z x Game – The RED Album [Mixtape]

Charlie Boy – I Look Down (Squincy Jones Blend)

1 Dec

About a week ago or so, Squincy Jones hit me up with his latest blend.  I must say that I prefer this version of the recent Charlie Boy hit over the crap that’s on the radio.  But that’s because I always wanna meet someone in the trap when it’s going down.

DOWNLOAD:  Charlie Boy – I Look Down (Squincy Jones Blend)

Tyler Stewart – Morning After Drop

16 Nov


I meant to post this last week, but moving into a new crib took precedence.  Last week the infamous Stewbot kicked me his mashup of Timbaland ft Soshy – The Morning After Dark (Nelly Furtado Remix) vs Ying Yang Twins – Drop.  A departure from Tyler’s typical house stylings, his blend of the two hip-hop tracks is absolutely perfect for packed dancefloors.  This is a must have for DJs.

DOWNLOAD:  Tyler Stewart – Morning After Drop

The Hood Internet – The Mixtape Volume 4

9 Nov


So a day after I post their most recent work just to promote the upcoming show, The Hood Internet drops The Mixtape Volume 4 featuring some of their most recent work.  If you are into hearing classic jams chopped up and rammed together w/ new joints, then you almost have to love The Hood Internet.  I can’t wait for this show at Blu on December 3rd.  Shit, I can’t wait for all 3 Muzique Boutique shows:  12/3 – The Hood Internet, 12/10 – Mark Farina, and 12/17 – DJ Dan!

Tracklist below the cut

DOWNLOAD:  The Hood Internet – The Mixtape Volume 4

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David Ruffin – I Wish It Would Rain [Movie Star Riddim Mashup]

7 Jun

This is an amazing little mashup of some serious classic soul and a dubby reggae beat.  Masterpiece!

Grey Granite – Got Soul [Kid Delicious Mashup]

6 May


Kid Delicious mashed up Grey Granite’s tune “Got Soul” with a few French disco house tunes and came up with a hot joint that will be appearing on the remix album to Grey’s next disc.  Of all the Grey remixes that have been floating into my inbox lately, this is quite easily my favorite.  Keep your eyes peeled for more exclusive Grey Granite leaks in the future.

DOWNLOAD: Grey Granite – Got Soul [Kid Delicious Mashup]

Jay-O – On the House [Mixtape]

6 May


WARNING:  I have not listened to this mixtape yet, but I am going to post it as quickly as possible because I am already annoyed with the number of emails I have gotten about it.  The track selection looks a little decent, but I’m warry of any DJ that did a Lil Boosie mixtape series with any sort of pride.  Some of you cats might like this ish.  I have a feeling it’s going to leave me wanting to listen to Squincy Jones again.

Instead of putting out some half assed shit like this, Dope Couture needs to be fucking with my boys Grey Granite and J.Brookinz.

UPDATE:  After listening to it, I was right.  I just want to hear something dope like Squincy Jones.

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD: Jayo – On the House [Mixtape]

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Snoop Dogg – Snoop Dogg Millionaire [Prod. by Wild Animals x Chase & Status]

19 Mar


When I saw this over at 2dopeboyz and DogsonAcid, I about freaked out.  Beyond Timbaland jacking dubstep for his last album, it seems like very few mainstream hip-hop artists have taken notice of the UK heavy bass movement.  I am not saying that I am a huge fan of the execution on this track.  Actually, I think the hook is rather obnoxious and would have rather had Snoop do it himself versus some lackies, but all in all, I am glad to see that he at least did something in the dubstep realm.

DOWNLOAD:  Snoop Dogg – Snoop Dogg Millionaire [Prod. by Wild Animals x Chase & Status]

MHC presents Squincy Jones: Live @ Therapy!!!

9 Mar


The other night was a ton of fun.  The Skinners opened w/ a lot of fun electro house…fairly different from what I was actually expecting, but dope none the less.  Steady B picked up where they left off and moved towards some booty and got a few ass shaking.  Sea Monkey closed out the night w/ some a little deep dubstep.  The real hero of the night was Squincy Jones who rocked the house w/ a perfect blend of dubstep/heavy bass, hip-hop remixes, and other fun stuff.  If you missed the other night, I hope you cop these and realize that an MHC party is never to be missed.

DOWNLOAD: Squincy Jones Live @ Therapy
BONUS: Steady B. Live @ Therapy
BONUS: Sea Monkey Live @ Therapy

Megasoid – Remix Runners Mixtape

10 Jan


Saturday is about to become new music day.  Last night my friend the Bek sent me LMFAO, and this morning Motif schooled me on Megasoid.  After listening to the tunes on their Myspace, I decided to download their 2 mixtapes and was fairly impressed.  This Canadian crew blends glitch hop and heavy bass in a way that is fun beyond all belief.  I’m including a previous mix they did as a bonus.

DOWNLOAD: Megasoid – Remix Runners Mixtape
BONUS: Megasoid – Tank Thong

Minty Fresh Beats presents Jay-Z x Radiohead – Jaydiohead

4 Jan


I feel like Jay-Z is the most popular target for mashup mixtapes because he tends to release acapella albums, but this piece of copy and paste is really fun.  Minty Fresh Beats artfully blend Radiohead instrumentals with Hova verses to create what might be the best Hovito mashup mixtape since the Grey Album.  Check it out and let me know wha you think.

DOWNLOAD: Minty Fresh Beats presents Jay-Z x Radiohead – Jaydiohead

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