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Sway – Level Up (Blame Remix)

14 Mar

Metalheadz member Blame links up Sway with a fly drum-n-bass remix of his single “Level Up”. This shit is kinda epic. I kinda wish dnb would get more of the love for bass music from hip-hop. It’s just a natural fit.

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Outrage – Knowledge Mag Guest Mix

28 Feb

Outrage, the first member off of Metalheadz and the first performer from the UK that I ever brought to Indy, has recently reemerged after having spent a year in Thailand teaching music.  Seems as thought teaching has relit the veteran’s passion for drum-n-bass.  This mix doesn’t wobble, but it sure as shit POUNDS!

Tracklist below.

DOWNLOAD:  Outrage – Knowledge Mag Guest Mix

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Rufige Kru in the Studio

11 Apr

It kinda rips off Dipset the Movie, but all in all I kinda think its funny.  Also, I haven’t posted much DnB here recently.

Commix – Fabriclive 44

25 Feb


The Cambridge drum-n-bass duo Commix was just spotlit for 44th edition of the Fabriclive mix series.  If you are into drum-n-bass or dance music as a whole, it is definitely worth the listen.  Sorry about the zip w/in a zip, didnt realize that when I uploaded it.  Oooooops.  Anywa, lemme know what you think.

UPDATE: Got hit with a C&D from the guys that run Fabric this morning, so I had to pull the link, but if you are a Google whiz, then you can find it.

Goldie Returns with a Masterpiece in Sine Tempus

14 Aug

Over the past year or so, I have become highly disenchanted with drum-n-bass and jungle. Even as a label owner, I find it extremely difficult to be excited about a genre that has been locked in the same style ruts for the past few years. Despite my reservations with the genre, Goldie’s newest release Sine Tempus is fairly fucking amazing. Its extremely musical and doesn’t allow itself to be pigeon-holed into one style of dnb. I wonder how much of the sound of this album is due to the engineering of Mark Caro aka Technica Itch.

Please oh please let me get more releases like this, Atlantic Connection’s Tomorrow’s Not Enough and Evol Intent’s Era of Diversion.

Hit the jump to listen to a few of the tracks from the album.

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