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Action Bronson x Party Supplies – Blue Chips (Mixtape)

14 Mar

Not sure how an obese 30 yr old became the hottest new thing in rap this year, but this dude is fucking awesome. Kinda looks like a fatter, lighter Oreo Jones.

DOWNLOAD: Action Bronson x Party Supplies – Blue Chips (Mixtape)

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Big K.R.I.T. – 4eva N a Day (Mixtape)

13 Mar

100% produced by KRIT in order to tide us over until his album drops this summer. Sorry I’m a week late on this.

DOWLOAD: Big K.R.I.T. – 4eva N a Day (Mixtape)

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Rittz – Die (Video) x White Jesus Revival (Mixtape)

8 Mar

Rittz’s new mixtape White Jesus Revival is finally here despite threats from some blogger to leak the project. Peep the video of the stalker named Swag Boy Steve below the cut claiming to have hacked Rittz’s Gmail account. Wonder how he feels about White Jesus’s video for “Die” that seems to feature a look-a-like being carved up Dexter style.

DOWNLOAD: Rittz – White Jesus Revival (Mixtape)

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BBU – Bell Hooks (Mixtape)

1 Mar

Here is the full mixtape to which they’ve been dropping singles for a few months.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging as much the past week or so.

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Le Castle Vania – Radio Control Mixtape

10 Feb

More indie electro ish from Le Castle Vania.

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Jackie Chain x Nick Catchdubs – After Hours (Mixtape)

7 Feb

I do a lot of drugs and fuck a lot of hoes. One night stands, yea I had a lot of those.

Yep, I’m sold on Jackie Chain’s mixtape for Fool’s Gold with Nick Catchdubs.

Tracklist below.

DOWNLOAD: Jackie Chain x Nick Catchdubs – After Hours (Mixtape)

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Diplo x Heroes & Villains x Mayhem present FKi – Transformers N the Hood (Mixtape)

1 Feb

I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea bring the trap to a rave, but this might be on of the best hip-hop / dance music crossover projects of recent history. FKi keeps it 100% trill over some dope heavy bass beats. With production from Diplo, Mayhem, and HxV, the low end never quits thumping on this release. Video up top is for their track “On a Roll”.

DOWNLOAD: Diplo x Heroes & Villains x Mayhem present FKi – Transformers N the Hood (Mixtape)

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Lil B – White Flame (Mixtape)

1 Feb

The Basedgod is at it again with another mixtape. Cover art is slightly reminiscent of old Cash Money/No Limit covers. I haven’t listened to this yet, so I really don’t have any comments on the music. Woops.

DOWNLOAD: Lil B – White Flame (Mixtape)

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Heems – Nehru Jackets (Mixtape)

17 Jan

A couple of weeks back I posted Das Racist member Kool AD’s new mixtape. Well, his partner in crime Heems is releasing his solo mixtape Nehru Jackets via their indie label Greedhead. Above you’ll find a stream of 2 of the tracks (not sure why just 2), and below you’ll find a link to the entire project.

Spotted over at MOKB.

DOWNLOAD: Heems – Nehru Jackets (Mixtape)

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Kool A.D. – Palm Wine Drinkdard (Mixtape)

3 Jan

Das Racist emcee Kool A.D. just dropped a weird (who’d guess that) mixtape today. The digitized chopped and screwed feel of “Titties Out” might be my highlight of the project.

Spotted at MJF.

DOWNLOAD: Kool A.D. – Palm Wine Drinkdard (Mixtape)

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T.I. – F*ck Da City Up (Mixtape)

1 Jan

Tip’s first release since completing his latest stint in federal prison is here as of midnight last night. Some cool bits here. I was a little underwhelmed by the Pusha T collab, but the Dr. Dre track made me yearn a tad for Detox (which we will never hear). Best part about this project, TI is off that fakeass role model shit he had been on the past few years. “Trouble Man” has the potential to be a great record.

Tracklist below.

DOWNLOAD: T.I. – F*ck Da City Up (Mixtape)

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ShowYouSuck – One Man Pizza Party 2: Mo Slices Mo Problems (Mixtape)

1 Jan

Solid mixtape from ShowYouSuck. The standout track on this project for me is the Flosstradamus produced “All Loc Everything”. Spotted at RubyHornet.

Tracklist below.

DOWNLOAD: ShowYouSuck – One Man Pizza Party 2: Mo Slices Mo Problems (Mixtape)

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Prob Cause – Stir Fry 2: Leftovers (Mixtape)

23 Dec

Posted the 2 singles the other day. Here’s the full project. As expected, this project finds the Chicago emcee rapping over dance music. I like what I’ve heard so far.

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The Weeknd – Echoes Of Silence (Mixtape)

21 Dec

Sounds like everyone is excited for this surprise release….including myself.

Tracklist below

DOWNLOAD: The Weeknd – Echoes Of Silence (Mixtape)

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Squincy Jones – Knowmsayin (Mix)

20 Dec

Most of the readers of this blog know Squincy Jones from his now legendary Nitendub mixtape, but the Houstonite is also an aficionado of the chopped & screwed style. Squincy’s contribution to Freshmore’s podcast series find the DJ slowing and flipping tracks from artists like the Cool Kids, ASAP Rocky, Nicki Minaj, and Cali Swag District.

Tracklist below.

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