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B.o.B – 5 on The Kush f. Big K.R.I.T. & Bun B

16 Nov

Solid track, but I’m honestly just waiting for the Andre 3 Stacks single dude supposedly has.

DOWNLOAD: B.o.B – 5 on The Kush f. Big K.R.I.T. & Bun B

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Bump J – Chief of Chiefs

13 Nov

Speaking of incarcerated rappers.  Here’s an untagged version of Bump’s track “Chief of Chiefs”.  Shouts to Andrew at Fakeshore for the link.

DOWNLOAD: Bump J – Chief of Chiefs

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Cedaa – XLR8R Podcast Vol. 223

8 Nov

The XLR8R podcast is easily one of the best electronic podcasts available.  With their’ 223rd mix, XLR8R selected 23 year old college student Cedaa.  With a good mix of general bass music and a touch Jersey Club (a relative of Baltimore Club), the mix never veers away from the dancefloor.  This definitely makes me want to catch a performance from the DJ.

Tracklist and download below.

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Yelawolf – Hard White Remix ft. TI & Slaughterhouse

7 Nov

This is an obligatory post.  Yes it came out last week, but it’s still fucking dope.

DOWNLOAD: Yelawolf – Hard White Remix ft. TI & Slaughterhouse

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UFO! – I Don’t Know What To Call It (Mix)

7 Nov

Found this mix of a Naptown favorite while browsing Knick of Bro Safari, Evol Intent, and Ludachrist’s Facebook page.  For nearly a decade and a half, UFO! has been a stable of the Indianapolis dance scene with several friends in the city.  Having known him as a drum-n-bass DJ, it’s nice to see his career reinvigorated with the recent diversification in dance music.

Anyway, I’m digging the mix.  It’s a solid collection of some great moombah, dubstep, and misc. awesome.

Make sure you cop his Sex Cult release!

Tracklist and download below the cut.

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Action Jackson – Watch The Throne (November 2011 Mix)

7 Nov

One of my favorite DJs in Indianapolis and partner in Rad Summer Action Jackson dropped his newest mix this past week.  Joining the moombah frenzy, Jackson brings is trademark blend of trap and dance music to the new genre.  With this mix, Action definitely ascends to a high point from which to let people watch his throne.

Track list and download after the jump.

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Grey Granite x El Carnicer – Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster freEP

12 Oct

Grey Granite and El Carnicero’s creation Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster will be unleashed on 10/10/10:

What is a Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster?  It’s the culmination of the machinations of Grey Granite and El Carnicero over the past 6 months featuring gobs of the Butcher’s bass and stained with the Grey’s ramblings.  In the run-up to PLFBM, the evil scientists have created quite a stir with their singles “Not A Robot”, “Turn It On”, and “Get Grimey”, which have been featured on blogs like MOKB, Mostly Junk Food, Noise Porn, Rock the Dub, and White Label Nation.  These villains aren’t concerned with economic gain; you’ll be able to get your hands on Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster today, October 10, 2010 for FREE!

Over the past couple of years, Grey Granite has consistently distinguished himself from other vocalists by perpetually reinventing his style and jumping on anything that catches his interest.  Starting with his legendary Amplifies the Killers project to his recent immaculate album Lust Poisons Pride, Grey has been one of the few artists in the Midwest to successfully go left and follow his sonic dreams. His creativity has recently garnered the support of Kick Kick Snare, Ruby Hornet, Loyal KNG, Noise Porn, Nuvo, and Musical Family Tree and several other media outlets.  Now with his partner J. Brookinz, the duo have launched Heavy Gun Recordings and are beginning next portion of their journey.

The man behind the crazy production on PLFBM is the one an only El Carnicero.  El Carnicero aka the Butcher aka Aaron Berg has been solidifying his name as master of heavy bass for the past several years.  In the mid 2000s as grime was making it’s way across the Atlantic to the States, El Carnicero teamed up with Philly based producers Starkey and Dev79 to form the now infamous Slit Jockey Records.  In the past, the Butcher has produced tracks for Doodlebug of Digable Planets, Warrior Queen, and RikoDan of the Roll Deep Crew.  Beyond his recent work with Grey, Aaron is currently working on a new project with New York rapper Elucid entitled CapricornOne.


DOWNLOAD: Grey Granite x El Carnicero – Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster
SOUND CLOUD: Grey Granite x El Carnicero – Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster

NightRiders – Jump Off The Planet

19 Jul

The NightRiders, Bob G Barker and Jam P Astro, drop the second single off of their upcoming release Passports & Paparazzi:

Some movements just can’t be contained on Earth and “Jump Off The Planet”.  Enter the NightRiders, the definition of a dynamic duo.  “Jump Off The Planet” is the second single off of their upcoming EP Passports & Paparazzi and follow up to “Don’t Get Me Wrong” on Heavy Gun Recordings.  Their new song mixes an interstellar beat with the spit game of two top-shelf lyricists.

Bob G. Barker and Jam P. Astro formed the NightRiders in 2008 shortly after meeting in Indianapolis.  Bob G. Barker was already a veteran of emcee of the group Knox Haven, so when he met Jam P., a producer and rapper, it was like planets colliding.  Bob G. Barker is a master of the classic leisurely flow, and Jam P. Astro has the perfectly complimenting quick tongue.  The pair seamlessly transition between the club and the street.


DOWNLOAD: NightRiders – Jump Off The Planet
STREAM: NightRiders – Jump Off The Planet

DJ Witness & Squincy Jones – Do Ya Homework [Mixtape]

8 Mar

Dope little hip-hop mix from Squincy Jones & DJ Witness that was featured in URB a few years back.  ENJOY!

DOWNLOAD:  DJ Witness & Squincy Jones – Do Ya Homework [Mixtape]

Fischerspooner – The Best Revenge (Designer Drugs Remix)

7 Mar

New DD remix … that makes a total of 40 that they’ve dropped.

Make sure to grab their new LP when it drops this spring.

DOWNLOAD:  Fischerspooner – The Best Revenge (Designer Drugs Remix)

Double on the Rocks – That’s My Steez [Video]

6 Mar

The dude illy hit me up w/ some more of his classic rave rap schtick.  This time around Illy linked up with CT Burners to form their new duo Double on the Rocks.  Their debut single “That’s My Steez” is already creating quite a stir.  Below is the radio edit, but you should definitely go pick up the entire single pack off iTunes.

DOWNLOAD: Double on the Rocks – That’s My Steez (Radio Edit)

AC Slater – Guest Mix for Annie Nightingale on Radio 1

16 Jan

Trouble & Bass partner AC Slater guested a mix for Annie Nightingale on Radio 1 featuring some new and classic heavy bass cuts.  Enjoy!

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD:  AC Slater – Guest Mix for Annie Nightingale on Radio 1

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Just Blaze – Fool’s Gold Holiday Party Mix

16 Jan

One of the men that created Jay-Z’s Blueprint sound, Just Blaze is known for his soulful take on hip-hop, but the cats at Fool’s Gold got him to rock a set of house music at their recent holiday party.  The mix starts off w/ The Megatron Don running through the first few bars to his most influential tracks and then breaks for the land of house.  I wish more hip-hop producers had an appreciate for good, classic house tunes.

DOWNLOAD:  Just Blaze – Fool’s Gold Holiday Party Mix

Symbl – Coked Out [Mixtape]

11 Jan

Indy’s gnarliest dubstep producer Symbl has finally released a mix of his favorite choons after months of begging.  When it comes to understanding sub-bass, this kid is probably reigning Merlin of Indianapolis.  His latest creations lean towards the hip-hop bootleg end of the dubstep spectrum which makes me giddy like no other.  With his catchy samples and homicidal basslines, Symbl has been given multiple releases on Trill Bass and other top shelf dubstep labels.  Watch for the downloadable version of his remix of TI’s “Whatever You Like” to drop later this week or next.

Tracklist below.

DOWNLOAD:  Symbl – Coked Out [Mixtape]

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MHC Presents: Phenom – Heavy Bass Freqs. Vol. 002 [Mixtape]

11 Dec

Phenom dropped off his second installment in the Heavy Bass Frequencies mixtape series.  Tons of electro and bassline for you nod your head to!

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD:  MHC Presents: Phenom – Heavy Bass Freqs. Vol. 2 [Mixtape]

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