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Meet Anna Gristina: The Soccer Mom Madam Worth $10M!

13 Mar

She was the $10 million madam.

Anna Gristina’s stable of 50 high-class hookers and the sexual appetites of her highflying clientele helped her reap millions of dollars — all of it cash, sources told the Daily News.

“She accepted no credit cards,” one source said of the upper East Side madam whose workers earned $2,000 an hour — or $25,000 for a lucrative weekend getaway in Europe or Asia.

Fuck Heid Fleiss, this bitch did it right!

Full story.

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Ming + FS – Heigtened Security (Throwback Mix)

17 Jan

With FS making a comeback by working with Reid Speed and Play Me Records, I am reminded of how dope Ming + FS used to be as a tag team. The duo truly embodied the whole hipstep movement of New York with a good blend of hip-hop bangers and drum-n-bass anthems. “Heightened Security” is a solid collection of tracks from early 2000s. Jams!

Trakclist below.

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Mom Tasered for Speeding [Video]

15 Aug

This is kinda sad and kinda funny at the same time.  It’s only funny because I like watching people get tasered on video.  Although, this isn’t nearly as funny as the naked dude at Coachella.

Dear John Witherspoon: New York

9 Mar

That bitch look like 9/11 a day later.  She look like 9/12, a tragedy!

My thoughts exactly!

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