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Man Dies After Eating Cocaine From Brother’s Ass

20 Dec

So 2 biological brothers were picked up on suspicion of possessing cocaine. While in custody, one brother convinced the other brother to eat the ounce of cocaine hidden in the first brother’s anus. Sadly enough, whatever the cocaine was in ruptured in the second brother’s stomach, and the second brother died. Now the first brother is looking at possession and involuntary manslaughter charges.

Updated with video.

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ATF Poses As Record Label and Arrests 70 Idiots

20 Dec

ATF and DCPD collaborated on a recent investigation where law enforcement posed as a record label with a complete recording studio to catch wannabe gangsta rappers. Five-o created Manic Enterprises in NW DC with fictional rap artist Richie Valdez. From there, they began linking up with hoodrats all over the DMV and even a supposed Mexican cartel link in ATL. I wonder how many rappers are questioning their new label right now.

It’s been a bad year for hip-hop and the Feds. Jay-Z’s old partner Biggs got popped for being one of the largest weed suppliers for NYC, and Jimmie Henchmen is currently sitting behind bars while he awaits trial on being the kingpin in a major cocaine ring that used music equipment to smuggle powder from CA to NY. I guess the Feds finally started listening to the music.

Full story at Bossip.

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RIP Kim Jong Il

19 Dec

I’m so ronery!

For such a midget, this dude was definitely on some money, hoes, and clothes. Have you seen all the women hysterical in the streets of North Korea?! Dude was a chick magnet! I am now completely determined to find my own nuclear-capable, impoverished nation to rule….

Sam Hurd: Athlete Turned Gangsta

18 Dec

You hear about new rapper that wants to pretend they’re a gangster every other day of the week, but with all of the money pro athletes make, it is not often you hear of a baller turning to crime. This past week Chicago Bears player Sam Hurd made the epic jump from the scrimmage line to the lineup by attempting to buy kilos of cocaine and thousands of pounds from tree. Maybe someone will get a “Free Sam Hurd” tattoo on their face..

Full story at ESPN.

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Medicinal Shop Has Liquidaton Sale

18 Dec

Magnolia Wellness in Orangevale, CA went out of business last week, and in order to help liquidate their inventory, the shop is giving away free bags of dope! I’m not sure how you run a medicinal marijuana shop into the ground, but if you do, this is the way to go out in style.

Full story at Bossip.

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New Study Shows She Really May Be Hooking To Pay Tuition

16 Dec

A new study from Britain’s NUS suggests that students are turning to prostitution in order to pay the controversial tuition hikes of the past year. I guess you can no longer turn your nose at every stripper and hoe that claims they are only doing this to get through college. I wonder if educated hookers will lead to better customer service….

Full story at BBC.

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Half Kilos of Butter Going for $465 in Norway

14 Dec

In the video above Ving Rhames explains to Tyrese and Omar Gooding about the difference between guns and butter. Typically guns appreciate in value, and butter depreciates. The country of Norway has recently proven to be the exception with 500grams or about a pound of butter is going for 350 euro ($465). That shit is crazy! That shit is $2.50 on sale down the street at Kroger.

Full story.

Dude Dies After Illegal Silicone Penis Injections

11 Dec

Some dude in New Jersey died after being conned into having silicon injected into his penis by an unlicensed doctor. Dude, for real? Didn’t you see the guy on Tosh.0? Injecting silicone into your penis is not a smart idea! BTW, who would ever trust the woman above to get anywhere near your dick?!

Tosh.0 Silicone Penis video below the cut.

Full story at Daily Mail.

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DEA Launders Millions for Mexican Cartels

7 Dec

If you’ve paid attention to the news today, you’ve probably been informed that the DEA intentionally laundered millions of dollars in drug money for the Mexican Cartels. Apparently the operation was attached to the Fast & Furious program that attempted to track the flow of guns to Mexico. Similarly, this operation was meant to track the flow of drug money south of the border. Thank you Department of Justice for helping the cartels ball just a little bit harder.

Full story at Faux News.

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Moron Terrorizes Intersection with Large Knife?!

4 Dec

The moron pictured above was apprehended last night on charges of criminal mischief, carjacking, and a hit & run. I guess the story goes something like this: IMPD received multiple reports of this jackass deflating the tires of cars stopped at 2th & MLK with a large knife. Shortly after reporting to the scene, officers learned that dipshit had stolen a vehicle across the street at the liquor store. I guess dude couldn’t drive too well because he was apprehended a few blocks away after slamming the stolen car into a parked car.

Full story at WTHR.

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DIY Booty Injections of Cement, Mineral Oil, and Fix-a-Flat?!

20 Nov

This past week a woman in Florida was arrested for practicing medicine without a license.  Her specialty was giving women low-cost butt injects…. Only problem was that her injections were a concoction of cement, mineral oil, and flat tire sealant.  WTF?!  I posted something similar to this years ago w/ a tranny that was doing unlicensed “pumpings” and killed a bitch, but I never expected women to go so far for a big ass.

Full story @ Wash Post

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Lingerie Model Turnt Cocaine Queenpin, Kinda

7 Mar

Angie Valencia learned one thing from her ex-boyfriend: how to sell blow.  The former lingerie model has recently been arrested for trafficking cocaine between Latin America and Europe.  To make it even better, she was using models as mules.  Her empire began to unravel when a 21 year old model was found with 100 pounds of coke at a British airport.

Full story @ NY Daily News

15 Indianapolis Children Left to Sell Candy to Strippers in Lexington, KY

8 Jan

During the holidays, 15 children from Indianapolis were taken to Lexington, KY to sell candy for a fundraiser.  Their 2 adult chaperons then left the kids in Lexington in the city’s red light district.  The cops were called after the kids were found trying to sell candy to pornoshops and strip clubs.  By the time the kids were found, they had been robbed of all their candy and money.  Oh did I mention that the chaperon’s were supposed to be youth ministers from a local church?  One more reason I will NEVER have children!

Full story @ Lex18.com

Colton Harris-Moore: The Most Badass Teen in America

7 Jan

For the past 3 years, Colton Harris-Moore has been on the run from authorities in Washington state, but it appears he never really left.  The badass teen went on the run when he was sentenced for a string of burglaries at the age of 16.  The young felon has since lived in the forests that surround his hometown, even the woods in his mother’s backyard.  For fun the teen likes to joy ride in expensive boats, cars and airplanes.  He has stolen at least two aircraft, but he is still working on his landing skills.  I must say that I salute the youth that has shown the law the middle finger and waged a winning battle.

Full story @ Seattle Weekly

Brooklyn Teachers Get Naked, Lez Out, & Fuck Students

10 Dec

Please note that all of this is happening in ONE Brooklyn high school!  Recently 2 female school teachers were caught naked in a classroom having sex with each other.  Now it is being reported that another relatively attractive teacher in that high school is also being investigated for fucking a male student.  Where were these women when I was growing up?  I didn’t have a single female teacher that I thought was fuckable!

This high school needs its own Showtime series!

Full story @ New York Daily News

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