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Obama’s a Hit on Paper!

10 Dec


PS.  I’m about to start that post string I have been warning about for the past week.

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The Dope Smoking US Presidents

31 Jul


I saw this list about a month ago around Independence day and have been meaning to post it ever since, but I have been slacking as I’m sure you can notice.  If well over half of our presidents have admitted to smoking grass, then there should be no problem if the rest of us enjoy a puff from time to time (every few seconds), right?

Full List @ Spark Report

Would You Hit It?: Oprah

26 Dec


I’m totally slacking on posting this week.  This shit should have been posted on Monday or Tuesday, but I got caught up w/ all of my Kwanza bullshit!

So anyway, just like Busta, I’m back on my bullshit.

Oprah is one of the most powerful women in the word.  She very arguably was the major catalyst behind Obama’s campaign.  Would you fuck the king maker?  She is kinda old, always struggled with her weight, and seems to be a bit crazy.

I think I would do it and tell her that for $3,000 no one will ever know that she fucked a pastey cracker.  Poll below the cut

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College Photo Shoot of Obama Puffin Tree?

17 Dec


A photo shoot of President-Elect Obama reveals an interesting photo of the leader smoking what appears to be a joint.  The photos were recently published by Time Magazine.  The object could either be a proper spliff or a cigarette Obama is smoking in another picture.

Full Photo Shoot @ Time

Senate Seats are Fucking Golden

11 Dec


Gov. Rod Blahblahblah of Illinois has recently been indicted on coruption charges stemming from his attempts to auction off President-Elect Obama’s senate seat.  This is some full tilt fuckery!  I must applaud the dude for it.  I thought the days of purchasing US Senate seats were over, but this truly brings back my hope for coruption in national politics granted on the state level.  It really seems like state politics is best money making scheme to have ever been created.  To any future voters, please disregard this blog entry, lol.

Full Story @ Chicago Tribune

8 Steps Black People Must Take Now that Obama is President

11 Nov


Everyone has been wondering how Obama’s recent election will factor into race relations in the US.  Well, Livesteez has come up with 8 steps to help “Black People” transition into the Obama Era:

3. “Black People” cannot abuse these four words, ‘My President is Black’. Which means do not pull into McDonald’s drive-thru and tell the person at the window, “I can have it my way, because ‘My President is Black.'” Drive across the street to Burger King.

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Flick of the Week: Deep Impact (1998)

5 Nov


In celebration of Obama’s historic election last night, I thought it might be fun to remind everyone of the first believeable portrayal of a black president, Morgan Freeman as President Beck in Deep Impact.  Morgan Freeman has always had a very dignified presence on the silver screen, and when he delivers his final speech of the movie, it is almost impossible to see him as anything besides presidential.  And to anyone that wants to mention Dennis Heysbert in 24, STFU, Heysbert couldnt hold a candle to Freeman.  10 years later and we finally fulfill Hollywood’s prophecy.

TORRENT:  Deep Impact[1998]DivX[WS]DvDrip[Eng]

3/4 White Supremacists Prefer Obama

1 Nov

Ok, this is slightly interesting … Esquire polled 4 white supremacist leaders about the upcoming election, and 3 of them prefered Obama due to McCain.  Their reasoning is that Obama will help promote a racially conscious American.

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Presidential Candidate Roast – the Al Smith Dinner

18 Oct

Did Chris Rock write Obama’s roast of McCain?  Definitely a hilarious moment in the last few weeks of a brutal campaign.

Ohio Voters: Obama is a Fucking Terrorist!

16 Oct

Are these people for real?  Seriously, they aren’t actors?  Woooooooooah!

Obama Nike Air Force Ones!

22 Jul

Yo I’m not even that into Air Force Ones or Obama, but these are pretty tight. Anyway I get can cop these in Bill Clinton?

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