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Cute Thick Chick of the Week: Exquisite

3 Nov


She’s not the hottest chick I’ve ever posted here, but she has a fairly dope body.  With a 36-30-44 body, homegirl definitely has some curves.

More pics and bio below the cut.

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Cute Thick Chick of the Week: Erica Rivera

7 Oct


Some women need to model only specific parts, and Erica Rivera and her ass definitely fall into that category.  As I went on my weekly hunt for phat asses, I was almost immediately drawn to this shorty’s thick body.  At 5’3″ with a 36-28-43 figure, Erica is THICK.  If you are like me, then you might recognize her from Jay-Z’s video for “Roc Boys”.

More pics and a bio after the cut.

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Cute Thick Chick of the Week: Brianna Amor

13 Sep


Some women are just built for lovin’.  Brianna Amor is one of them.  With a 36d-28-42 figure on her 5’2″ fram, no one has shit on her.  I don’t know what else to really say about home girl.  She’s got a cute face.  She’s been in a few videos.  You may have stroked one off to her while watching BET.  Really, all I know, is that I want to do some ill shit to her.

Bio and more pics after the cut.

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Cute Thick Chick of the Week: Sapphire

31 Jul


Honestly, I dont have much to say about chica other than that she is bad.  Any chick that can keep a tone body w/ a 42″ ass is quite all right in my book.  Anyway, this is my first post in a longtime, and the first post to celebrate MHC’s one year anniversary.  Thanks to everyone that reads this thing.  Hope you enjoy reading as much I enjoy writing it at times.

More pics and a bio after the cut.

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Cute Thick Chick of the Week: Babydoll

20 Apr


Feels like forever since I have blogged, so forgive me if I am a bit rusty.  Picking up right where we left off, this week’s CTCW is Babydoll from the nation’s capital Washington, DC.  This little lovely has some fairly supple curves on her 5’4″ frame that weighs in at 145lbs w/ 34-27-42 measurements.  I might catch some flack for this one, but I think she is hot.

More pics below the cut.

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Cute Thick Chick of the Week: Ms. Dime of da South

20 Mar


I caught a bit of flack for my choice last week not being thick enough, so I should be 100% in the clear on this one.  Ms DODS is busting out at the seams of her clothing with a 36-32-50 with 188 lbs on a 5’6″ frame.  The one thing that I will give miss is that she has a thick body that appears to be tight and not flabby.  Can we please look at those thights?!

More pics and bio below the cut.

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Cute Thick Chick of the Week: Ms Amie

14 Mar


What can I say?  I love me some phat ass white girls, and Ms Amie is everything that I was looking for today.  At 5’3″ and 135 lbs, she has some serious fucking curves measuring 36-27-42.  Where in the fucking world do you see a white girl w/ a 27″ waist and a 42″ ass?  Seriously, that is some shit that I thought was biologically impossible.  Hope everyone enjoys this post as much as me.

Tons of pics and a bio below the cut.

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Lee “Scratch” Perry – Pum Pum

11 Mar

Lee “Scratch” Perry dropped this video in August, and I didn’t pay much to it then, but a friend IM’ed me the link the other day, so I watched.  I am not gonna say shit about the dude’s music because it didn’t catch my attention nearly as much as how much Scratch resmebled the Leprechaun from all of those bad horror movies.  Seriously … this guy did not age well.  His skin looks like leather and his face just looks trollish in general, especially with that fucking beard.  Photo comparison below the cut.

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MHC Exclusive: London Andrews’ Ass

6 Feb


I was just running through the comments a little bit ago and noticed that I had received a comment from London Andrews … then I jizzed in my pants!  After exchanging a few emails, she sent me an exclusive collection of pictures of her sweet round ass!  So for all of the MHC readers that loved her first post, please enjoy!  I definitely did ….

Full set after the jump.

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Cute Thick Chick of the Week: Zoey

5 Feb


I’m back in full swing and what better way to celebrate blogging than with a lovely thick piece of chocolate goodness.  Zoey is her name and busting out at the seams seems to be her game.  Her measurements weren’t posted, so I am gonna use my thick-chick-admirer powers and deduce that she is probably 38DD-29-44.  Look at those thighs and tell me you wouldnt want her bent over the nearest piece of furniture!  Hit the jump for more pics and a bio per usual.

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Cute Thick Chick of the Week: London Andrews

4 Jan


OMFG, I finally found a truly thick white chick that isn’t fat!!!!!!  London Andrews from Cleveland, OH is 170lbs fuckable fun w/ 36-32-42 curves on a 5’5″ frame.  Yes, a white girl with a 42″ ass … it’s just too bad that there isn’t a single ass shot of her round bottom.  She does have great tits and an interesting model style that is very burlesque.  Hit the jump for a bio and more pics.

UPDATE: LOLZ, she recently started doing porn!

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Halle Berry is the TRUTH at 42!

8 Oct

Good LORD!

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