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Ralph Lauren Polo Big Spring Classic Fit Polos

11 May


If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you probably know that I am generally obsessed with all things Ralph Lauren.  Not even lying, I will probably use RL paint in my first home (and possibly jockey stencils).  Anyway, I need to get my gear game straight before the summer really starts, so I headed over to RalphLauren.com to get my browse on and saw these.  This is the ultimate polo for me.  It combines the intricacies of the Big Pony line with the pure simplicity and Americana of Polo.  Look at the detail that is paid attention to on the collars.  Ridic!

Purchase @ RalphLauren.com

Ralph Lauren Releases Watch Collection

28 Mar


The internet was abuzz last fall when Ralph Lauren announced that they would finally be releasing a watch line, and now the internetz are abuzz again as RL’s first collection is being unveiled.  Each watch looks amazing.   I am loving the stainless steel as the textured leather bands.  As soon as I can, I am going to ditch my Armani watch for one of these!

More details @ ABlogtoRead

RL Rugby 1918 Hoodie

27 Feb


God I love it when Ralphie rolls out the Spring collections for all of his lines, and the 1918 Rugby campaign is fucking ridiculous.  The combination of athleticwear and preppie bowties makes me drool.  Seriously, this shit makes me wish I would have grown up on the East Coast just before Prohibition so I could have worn shit like this and rowed for crew.

Purchase @ RL Rugby

RL Polo Slim Custom-Fit Wing Rugby

6 Feb


As of late, I have been mostly jocking on the RL Rugby line, but this custom ruby for the actual Polo line is super sweet.  And you better believe I am digging the way they paired the bowtie w/ the rugby.  SO DOPE!

Purchase @ RalphLauren.com

Polo Purple Label x LeBron James

30 Dec


As part of LeBron James’ personal LeBron James Family Foundation, the NBA All-Star has partnered with Ralph Lauren Purple Label to created a limited edition basketball. The package features a signed basketball in the Purple Label’s signature colors with 100% net proceeds going towards James’ philanthropic causes such as inspiring children to be active, maintaining a focus on education and offering benefits to single-parent families. Limited to 300 pieces, the set retails for $1000 and is available through RalphLauren.com.

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RL Polo Skull & Crossbone Cuff Links

29 Nov


I was recently asked what I wanted for X-mas, and I can definitely say that these are on a very short list of items I would love to find in my stocking.  These little pieces of joy are made of pure silver and feature the classic Polo skull & crossbones.  God these are pure sex.

Purchase @ RalphLauren.com

Design Your Own RL Rugbys and Polos

19 Nov


Check out the fresh MHC Polo I just whipped up over at Rugby.com!  Now over at Ralph Lauren’s Rugby site, you can design and create your own polo and rugby shirts featuring a number of patches and embroidery.  Give it a whirl.  I hope to see some fresh semi-custom stuff out and about very soon.

Deign your own @ Rugby.com

Ralph Lauren Skull N Crossbones Wool Rugby Pullover

11 Nov


This new wool pull over by Ralph Lauren is fucking dope.  It has the classic Polo skull & crossbones.  I think I might be in love w/ everything coming out from RL this fall.

Cop it at Ruby.com

My New Dopeboy Pants!

25 Oct

I saw them in the store and had to cop them!  I love all of the detail in the embroidery.  I am so addicted to clothes!  What made wearing the pants event better was when the door guy at Midtown Grill identified them as “dopeboy pants.”  I about lost it.  I’m so dopeboy fresh!

Buy them @ Dillards!

OMFG, Polo Crested Cashmere DB Blazer!

9 Oct

This shit is pure fucking sex.  I love that outfit from the bottom up … whit shoes w/ gray slacks, the blazer,  white oxford, and tie.  I would probably switch the bowtie to a regular tie, but maybe not.  Hit the jump for a close up.

Click here to purchase from Polo.

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Ralph Lauren Crown Polo – Absolute Hotness!

15 Aug

All I can say is that I can’t fucking wait for the fall Polo collection by Ralph Lauren.  This shit is fucking amazing … multicolored collar, blue chest stripe, and huge crest.  This is sex!

Killer Mike – Dope Boys Freestyle [w/ Polo shout out]

4 Aug

I had to post this shit because your boy Jay-P wears Polo religiously.  Dope boy dress code, why you think these bitches be all on Jay-P like he’s got a pocket full of ecstasy?  Probably because he’s got Jay-P a pocket full of ecstasy!

From 2dopeboyz:

Damn. Today was a huge fuckery filled trip. Leaving Cali at 9am to arrive in Vegas at 6pm is not the business. I’ll speak on that in another post as I wanna get right into this dope’ness. For a few weeks, the NFL won’t be the only thing you’ll be looking forward to on Sunday mornings as Killer Mike is jumping on the weekly type deal with his Sunday Morning Massacre series. Maurice dropped the first in the series with Mike getting his dope boy license stamped over The Game’s ode to Shake & Meka. And yes, I realize it’s Sunday night right now. Fuck it…

DOWNLOAD: Killer Mike – Dope Boyz Freestyle

Lo-Lifes Documentary [Trailer]

28 Jul

I think I just came a little bit.  Every knows that I stay draped in Lo from head to toe!

OMG … Big Pony to the NEXT LEVEL!

3 Jul

I am 100% in love w/ Polo clothing, and this year Polo has gone for the gold w/ their new Big Pony line. I love it all, especially the multicolored embroidery. While browsing the Polo online shop, I found this:

Polo Dual – Rugby Royal Blue

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