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RubMaps.com – Find Your Happy Ending

8 Dec

Moments ago I was sent the most amazing website ever…RubMaps.com, a handjob-locator! The site is complete with reviews that include a description of the stroker, experience, and cost. God bless the man that created this website!

Visit RubMaps.com NOW!

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The First Legal Male Hooker … No Homo

1 Mar

We as a nation have recently crossed a milestone in our history.  Nevada now has the first legal male prostitute.  Despite what you’d expect out of the first legal male prostitute, dude says his butthole isn’t up for pilfering.  I doubt he’s going to be business that long.

Full story @ Details

Phillies Fan Offers Sex for World Series Tix

3 Nov


The woman pictured above is a die hard Phillies fan that went absolutely bat shit crazy once her team made it into the World Series.  Her good sense went so far out the window that she decided it would be a good idea to post to Craigslist an offer to trade precious time in her vagina for World Series tickets.  This just sparked a number of questions in my head: 1.) who in their right mind would ho for baseball tickets?  2.) why would someone be stupid enough to post a h0-ad to CL since the end of their ERS section?  3.) how did this woman believe that she could get someone to pay to fuck her middle-aged ass?

Full story @ the Huffington Post.

Captain Save-a-Ho Prevents Kidnapping [Video]

25 Oct

Aww, not only is he getting hookers locked up, he’s saving their lives!

Canadian Hookers Get Their Day in Court

6 Oct


A dominatrix and 2 hookers have somehow persuaded the Supreme Court of Ontario that consider the merits of legalizing prostitution in the province.  This is kinda funny to me.  As someone who supports the legalization of all non-violent behavior, I think it’s a great idea that governments are finally contemplating shedding laws that condemn purely personal actions.  Decriminalization and taxation are the best by which to handle undesirable behavior.  If someone wants to take part in these vices, then they can also contribute a little more than the people who don’t in order to make up for their decisions.  I guess all I can say is … “GO HOOKERS!!”

Full story @ CBC News

Would You Hit It?: Heidi Fleiss

30 Sep


At one point in time, Heidi was a beautiful madame that ran high-end prostitution in Hollywood, but over the past few years, Heidi has turned into a hot mess.  Compounded with her hot mess status, she’s also a real life pimp.  I personally would have some real issues fucking a sex worker even w/out money involved, but does that stigma change if it’s the pimp and not the ho?  Is it acceptable to fuck a female pimp?  Things that make you go “hmmmm.”  Now getting back to the question at hand, would you fuck Heidi Fleiss?

Poll after the cut

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Deacon Accused of Soliciting $30 Hooker

15 Aug


So a deacon in the Dayton, Ohio region was caught soliciting a prostitute, but the best part about the story is that he took her to his house and was only going to pay her $30 for intercourse.  What kind of good church man is going to hire a street-walker?  I dont get it.  If you are gonna pay for sex, at least steal $150 from the collections plate and get a Craigslist hooker.  At least you aren’t out picking up hoes off the street.  It’s safer and appears to be far better quality.

Full story @ WHIOtv.com

Dad Goes Hooker Hunting for Son

20 Apr


So a British father thought he woud be nice and hire a hooker to take his son’s viriginity, but instead he was arrested by an undercover cop and now has to register as a sex offender.  I think this is kinda fucked up.  Lord knows I wish my dad would have hired a good looking pro to help make the first time more comforting than that annoying skeezer I banged at a house party and never spoke to again.  Prosecuting the father for a child sex crime is worse than American kids being prosecuted for child porn in their txt msgs.

Full story @ Hucknail Dispatch

IMPD Officer Charged w/ Banging Hoes in Elementary School

14 Jan


An IMPD officer faces charges of misconduct for picking up a prostitute and taking her to the elementary school where he moonlights as a security guard to fuck her in the nurse’s office.  At first read, this story is jokes for days, but then I read one line and truly felt sad for this slob.  The hooker he would pick up only charged $40.  That must have been one ugly ass ho!

Full story @ IndyStar.com

Craigslist Hooker Busted in Pryor, OK

4 Jan


I love how hookers seem to travel a circuit of ciites.  That is especially true for Craigslist hookers.  Come on, you know you have browsed the Erotic Serivces section!  This hooker from Dallas, TX was recently busted after posting her services on an Oklahoma section of Craigslist.  I am kinda shocked how low her rates are.  $100 for 1/2 hour and $200 for an hour.

Watch for a new weekly post by me called “Craigslist Hooker of the Week!”

Full Article @ Pryor Daily News
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