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Hodgy Beats, Pusha T, Liva Don & Tyler, the Creator – Oooh

2 Dec

So when I spotted this over at MJF with the Play Clothes Holiday 2011 Mixtape mentioned as an aside, I was kinda puzzled. Then I found the tracklist. Everything on the project besides this record are Fear of God II rejects. Womp womp.

DOWNLOAD: Play Cloths Holiday 2011 Mixtape

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Pusha T – Fear of God II: Let Us Pray (Full Album Stream)

7 Nov

As mentioned on Twitter earlier, Pusha is easily one of my top 5 rappers.  I’ll admit he’s seemed a little hit or miss for the past year, but who wouldn’t be shook after their manager took 35 year plea deal.  Dudes don’t just take pleas like that because they want the time.  They do it to protect those around them that might be implicated.  As Push declared on “What Dreams Are Made Of” “the bricks fell, I skipped jail, lived to tell about it … I’m what dreams are made of.”

STREAM: Pusha T – Fear of Godd II: Let Us Pray (Album Stream @ Rolling Stone)

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cRapper Turnt Preacher Vol. 5 [Video]

2 Aug

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Seriously, Malice needs to quit fucking around with this preacher shit and start making some fucking rhymes, because everything I have heard off of Till the Casket Drops has been kinda weak.  I want some shit to bump while on my grind…not some neo-bling bullshit.

Play Cloths Launches Spring Online Collection

9 Mar


Play Cloths launched their new Spring lineup for their online store this past week, and I amd really in love most of the stuff they have pressed this time around. Their t-shirts are simple, yet fut and well designed.  I really can’t wait to get my hands on either of the two shirts above.  As a bonus I am including some track w/ Pusha T on it.

Purchase @ Play Cloths
Download:  DJ Yoda  – It’s Aight feat. Hunt, Eastwood, Jayo Felony & Pusha T

First Run of Play Cloths Almost Sold Out

6 Jan


Looking to spend the last of my Kwanzaa $$, I jumped over to the Play Cloths online store only to discover nearly everything was sold out in every size other than small and double xl.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the this fall’s line, but a few things looked pretty fucking dope.  I definitely want one of the 80s tshirts that I posted a couple of months ago.

Check the Play Cloths online store for yourself

Clipse – Road to Till the Casket Drops (Mixtape)

1 Dec


On the road, but I will post more in a bit.

Fuck me, it took me a god damned week to get back to this shit.  Sorry about that folks.  After having listened to the tracks for the past week, I’m starting to worry about Till the Casket Drops.  Clipse need to come with some heat, and it feels like they are losing their edge.  Pusha still drops nice verses, but there is nothing in these rhymes that just makes me want to set up shop on a corner.  Maybe Hell Hath No Fury was their seminal piece and it’s all down hill from here.  I don’t want to believe that shit, but whatever holmes …

DOWNLOAD: Play Cloths presents Clipse – Road to Till the Casket Drops

Clipse – Big Dreams

25 Nov


Please don’t be in the studio doing nothing with that fucking Alvin and the Chipmunks voice shit that niggaz is doin’ now.  That shit is tired!  — Lauren London

Clipse drops a new banger off of their highly anticipated (at least by me) mixtape Road to Till the Casket Drops.  Fuck, Neighborhood P finally responds to one of my complaints about Play Cloths … “Stop searching for the E’s because the O’s is long!”

DOWNLOAD: Clipse – Big Dreams | Lauren London Interlude

Clipse – Road to Till the Casket Drops

19 Nov


It’s the hood’s Obama shoveling McCain.

I had almost lost faith in the Brothers Thorton after the bullshit they put out for the Re-Up Gang album, but Terror comes back with a verse that almost makes up for all of it.  This shit is full of pure quotables.  I can’t wait for the new mixtape and album to drop!  Until this mixtape drops on December 1, everyone is gonna be watching me squirm like a kid on Xmas Even!

Till the casket drops, if the album flops, we The Wire season 2, nigga back to the docks!

DOWNLOAD:  Clipse – Road to Till the Casket Drops Intro

Time to Put on Your Play Cloths!

31 Oct

The Clipse are getting to debut their new clothing line “Play Cloths” this November, and I have tracked down some hints as to whats gonna be on the lineup.  Definitely a line to make you dboy fresh.  Hit the jump for a closer look.

My only problem with the clothing line is that they misspelled “Cloths” in the name.  Its clothEs fool!

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New Re-Up Gang Album Full of Reused Material

3 Aug

2dopeboyz dropped a preview of the new Re-Up Gang album last week that is about to drop this Tuesday.  Normally I love anything the Clipse or Re-Up Gang puts out, but I am highly fucking disappointed with this release.  Over 3/4 of the tunes on the album feature reused verses from We Got It 4 Cheap vol. 3 over the most mediocre beats to used by a major hip-hop artist.  “Money” and “My Life’s the Shit” are the only tunes on the album that I am jocking.

Hopefully the third Clipse album Till the Casket Drops sees them returning to their previous glory.

Listen to the Preview

Clipse Present Re-Up Gang – Money

21 Jul

From 2dopeboyz:

I was wondering when a new joint would leak off the upcoming Clipse/Re-Up album. And the time has arrived. Here goes Money, courtesy of Steven! August 5th bitches!

Back to that gutter sound that was lacking on “Fast Life” but still lacking the edge of Hell Hath No Fury or any of the We Got It 4 Cheap series.

DOWNLOAD: Clipse Present Re-Up Gang – Money

New Clipse Shit!

7 Jul

DOWNLOAD: Kardinal Offishall – Set It Off f. Clipse


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