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Would You Hit It?: Meghan McCain

13 Mar

With election season in full swing, the little thick Republican blogger that gave me wood has returned to cable television. Seeing her titties constrained in those conservative suits got me thinking about her Twitpic SNAFU and how those lovely melons looked. Damn this bitch has some titties. The she opens her mouth, and I remember all over again that she is the daughter of that maverick John McCain and still an active member of the GOP. As big as her titties might be, I do believe there are some serious drawbacks to smashing this chick. First off, she is Republican. Secondly, her father is a nut bag POW that could come smashing through your window at any time attempting to effect his revenge upon Charlie by dismembering you. But damn….those titties….

Poll below the cut.

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Would You Hit It?: Tami Roman of Basketball Wives

5 Mar

If you follow this blog, you know I love the ratchet bitches of VH1’s and Bravo’s various wives series. This week’s poll is dedicated to the OG reality TV bitch Tami Roman. This woman has been a cunt since the second season of The Real World when she got David Edwards kicked off the show for accusing him of sexual assault for pulling over her blanket while she laughed. After getting the boot from Kenny Anderson, Tami has made her way to VH1 with the rest of her age demographic where she continues to be an instigating bitch. On the other hand, she is kinda milfy for being an obvious gold-digging hoodrat. So could you do it? Could you fuck her?

Poll below the cut.

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Kickstart Your Own Wet Dreams with OffBeatr!

3 Mar

Well, Kickstarter, it looks like you’ve finally arrived. And I don’t just mean that you launched 27K projects, saw $99 million pledged, or attracted 30 million+ visitors last year — all of which equalled a sizable increase in activity on your compared to the year prior. No, I mean that your winning crowdfunding model has been adopted by the adult industry. Clearly. Indeed, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and Groupon certainly saw its fair share of flatterers after its launch, but it didn’t inspire a response from porn, at least not in the early days. (Though there are those that are trying.)

All you need is a dream!

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Would You Hit It?: Big Ang of Mob Wives

8 Feb

A new character has emerged this season of Mob Wives: Big Ang. Big Ang is a 6 foot middle aged guidette that is addicted to wise guys and plastic surgery. I can’t find a single quality about her attractive other than that she seems like the downest bitch that ever was. On the other hand, she looks like her face was manufactured by Fisher Price and her tits seemed to be attached to the lower part of her rib cage. Could you do it?

Poll below the cut.

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Thai Pantie Thief Hoards 10,000 Pairs of Worn Underwear

1 Feb

Bangkok – Most people have a little junk in the trunk, but police have discovered that one man in Bangkok was using his car to store stolen pairs of women’s panties.

Thai police apprehended the 48-year old man this week after he was caught breaking into a building with an accomplice. Authorities subsequently discovered over 1,000 pairs of women’s underwear in the trunk of his car, and an additional 10,000 pairs in the thief’s home.

This little pantie sniffer has amassed quite a collection. That is dedication.

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Indianapolis Teachers Aid “Seduces” a Special Needs Student?

2 Mar

Recently a teacher’s aid at a local Indianapolis high school was arrested for “child seduction” with a special needs student.  The charge of “child seduction” brings with it allegations of inappropriate contact between the accused and the student.  The past few child seduction cases that I’ve blogged about haven’t been this weird or struck this much of a nerve in me.  See, I have long imagined that sex with a retard would be the ultimate sexual act.  Why else in the world would you put your life in jeopardy by having sex with a retarded student?  Why?  This must affirm my belief that retard sex is the BEST sex ever.

Mmmmmmmm CREAM CORN!

Full story @ WTHR

Would You Hit It?: Ke$ha

11 Jan

Ke$ha has jumped out of nowhere to become the 2010 Lady Gaga; however where Gaga was the epitome of glam, Ke$sha looks like she crawled out of a dumpster somewhere.  Entertainment Weekly has described her style as “garbage-chic”, whatever the fuck that means.  The beginning of her career consisted of her sneaking into Prince’s house and throwing up in Paris Hilton’s closet.  With all that said, she doesn’t appear to be ugly by any means.  She really just looks homeless.  This raises the questions … would you fuck Ke$ha?  Are you into dirty girls?  Do you like loony bitches?  Can you stand the smell of B.O. and filth?  I’m so torn on this one.

Poll below the cut.

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Female High School Basketball Coach Dykes-Out w/ Player

6 Jan

OMFG … where’d all the hot teachers that fuck students come from recently?  Srsly!  And now it’s happening in Indy!  Recently a female basketball coach was arrested for “child seduction” after it was revealed that she was carrying on a relationship with one of her 17 year old FEMALE basketball players.  If this isn’t the shit that blockbuster porn flicks are made of, then I must be completely fucked in the head.  I think i have wood.

Full story @ Edge Boston

Brooklyn Teachers Get Naked, Lez Out, & Fuck Students

10 Dec

Please note that all of this is happening in ONE Brooklyn high school!  Recently 2 female school teachers were caught naked in a classroom having sex with each other.  Now it is being reported that another relatively attractive teacher in that high school is also being investigated for fucking a male student.  Where were these women when I was growing up?  I didn’t have a single female teacher that I thought was fuckable!

This high school needs its own Showtime series!

Full story @ New York Daily News

Would You Hit It?: Amy Winehouse w/ Tits!

20 Nov

One of the first WYHIs on MHC was a hot mess Amy Winehouse, and I got a fairly unanimous “no” as a response.  Well, Amy is back, sober, and rocking a new set of breast implants, so I thought I’d pose the question again.  Has she changed enough to make you reconsider having sex w/ her?  She still kinda looks weird.  Fuck it.  She still looks crazy, and if you notice the hand at her elbow, it would appear that she still needs a tard handler.  Could you look past all of that to play w/ her new bewbies?

Poll after the cut.

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Would You Hit It?: Beth Chapman

8 Nov


From the picture, I am sure some of you wondering why I would even question this, but I must admit that picture is rather flattering of Beth.  Beth, the busty wife of Dog the Bounty Hunger, is a bit of an enigma.  I am not sure if I am brave enough to fuck her.  Yes, she has the ability to look like a hot middle aged slut at times, but she also has a tendency to look pretty haggard at times.  Top that off w/ her being a bail enforcement agent, and I think this woman might be too much for me to handle.  However, who hasn’t a middle aged woman w/ giant boobs?

Poll after the cut.

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Would You Hit It?: Mo’Nique

19 Oct


Last week a resounding majority of you suggested that size doesn’t totally matter by voting affirmatively on Nene.  Let me rephrase the question … what if the fat bitch was Mo’Nique?  You can pick before or after her recent weight loss.  Me personally, I couldn’t do the shit.  I think she looks too much like a god damned warthog in the face.  I want to give her a septum piercing and make her snort, but that’s just me.  I’m fucked up like that.

Skinnyier pic and poll below the cut.

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10 Sluttiest Girls on Maury [Video]

24 Sep

Shit like this, I shouldn’t even really have to comment.  I’m just gonna say that I found it after watching Seanie Mic’s vid.  Sad part is, I have a white trash cousin that pretends she’s Hispanic just like this!

Mary-Kay Latourneau Hosts “Hot For Teacher” in Seattle [Video]

11 Sep

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Hopefully everyone remembers Mary-Kay Latourneau, the 34 year old teacher that was jailed for being impregnated by her 12 year old st  udent Villi.  Well, Mary and Villi are back with a new dance party in the Seattle area called “Hot for Teacher!!”  Is that no fucking jokes for days?  Not that I want to demonize this woman or anything, but this is further proof that authorities cannot say that “crime doesn’t pay.”  Fuck yes crime pays, and if you go big enough, you can get paid again after you get out of jail!  Look at Frank Lucas!  That dude got hella paid off American Gangster.

Link to the vid if the embed doesn’t work.

Portland Man Caught Turd Spelunking For Second Time

3 Sep


Recently Portland police caught a gentlemen at the bottom of an outhouse that claimed to have lost his wedding ring in the collection of waste below.  The police almost bought his nonsense until checking his record and finding out that it was the second time he’s been caught chillin’ in shit.  Now I’m into some weird shit … not even gonna lie.  But this is a bit over the top.  Who in the fuck wants to wade in piss and shit, waiting for someone to piss and shit on them?  I don’t get it.  Thats just filthy.

Full story BoingBoing.net

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