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RiFF RaFF – Brain Freaze ft. Lil Debbie (Video)

13 Mar

Still curious why she’s no longer White Girl Mob.

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RiFF RaFF – Tiger Woods ft. Ryan the Kid & B Wash (Video)

1 Mar

So ricey!

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20 Feb

I’m starting to believe Unsolved Mysteries needs to do an episode on how Riff Raff keeps his swag turned all the way up at all times w/out dying. Oh yea, there is some sort of contest to see who can direct the video for this, but you’ll have check Riff Raff’s Twitter page for more info.


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Riff Raff x Action Bronson – Bird on a Wire (Video)

9 Feb

Riff Raff has obviously been working on his rhymes, and Action Bronson sounds soooo much like Oreo Jones it is crazy.

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Soulja Boy x Riff Raff – Versace Bentley (Video)

30 Jan

It appears that these two were not only fucking around the day they went to Dope Fairfax, but they were also shooting this video. “Fendi bulletproof got me flexin!”

RiFF RaFF – Golden Streets (Music Video)

15 Dec

Today must be Crazy White Boy Day or some shit. No sooner do I get done posting Rich Hil’s new project I get notice that Riff Raff has uploaded his newest masterpiece. I can dig it, but “Rice Out” was way better.

Equality through ignorance!

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RiFF RaFF – Rice Out (Video)

5 Dec

Somehow Riff Raff linked up with Diplo and DJDA of Mad Decent for this track….say what you want about Riff Raff, but you can’t deny the boy’s hustle.

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