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Californication S5E05 – The Ride Along

8 Feb

It looks like we’re heading back towards Hank and Karen country. At least I have the ultimate degenerate Charlie Runkle to entertain me.

TORRENT: Californication S5E05 – The Ride Along

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Californication S5E04 – Waiting for the Miracle

31 Jan

If you’re not following this season of Californication, something might be wrong with you.

TORRENT: Californication S5E04 – Waiting for the Miracle

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Flick of the Week: Street Thief (2006)

16 Jan

Sometime last week, I decided this must come back as a feature…This week’s selection is the cinema verite piece “Street Thief”, which follows the life of Chicago burglar Kaspar Carr as he breaks into everything from a grocery store to a strip club. When I first saw “Street Thief”, I was thoroughly convinced that it was an actual documentary. After a bit of research, I discovered that the film is actually a well scripted, low budget flick masquerading as a documentary. This is a must see, and I’m fairly positive it is on Netflix.

TORRENT: Street Thief (2006)

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Flick of the Week: Hook (1991)

16 Jan

Recently Birdshit and Drake dropped a track called “Money to Blow” sometime this past summer … well now that the local radio has become a Young Money podcast on repeat, I’ve finally heard it enough that parts are stuck in my head like Drake’s references to Rufio and the movie Hook.  Considering how gangster Rufio was, I got to thinking that I needed to make the Robin Williams / Dustin Hoffman flick this week’s recommendation.  Supposedly this movie was a flop and the reason why Francis Ford Coppola had to shoot Bram Stoker’s Dracula on a shoe-string budget.

TORRENT:  Hook.(1991).DVDRip

Flick: Bad Lieutenant (1992)

30 Nov

2009 has been the year of the shitty remake, so why not wrap up the year with a bastardization of Abel Ferarra’s classic Bad Lieutenant starring Nick Cage?  Fuck that noise.  This week we are celebrating the original starring Harvey Keitel.  Bad Lieutenant sits in a morally ambiguous world where even the police can’t be trusted.  Keitel plays the perfect degenerate cop that is strung out on crack and makes little girls talk about sucking dick in order to avoid being arrested.  Whereas Ferarra’s previous film King of New York dealt with a villain doing good, this is his counterpart involving a hero committing evil.

TORRENT: Bad.Lieutenant.DVDRip.(1992)
BONUS: Bad.Lieutenant.Port.of.Call.New.Orleans.DVDScr.(2009)

Flick of the Week: Rise of the Footsoldier (2007)

9 Nov

Rise of

Rise of the Footsoldier is one of the most compelling football (soccer) hooligan movies since Gary Oldman’s appearance in the Firm.  The flick follows Carlton Leach’s rise from typical hooligan to hired muscle to organized criminal to retirement.  Yep thats right folks, this is based on a true story that eventually culminates in the famous Rettendon murders of 1995.  As a kid that grew up in the American rave scene, it was quite interesting to watch how involved gangsters became in British club culture.  I’m not so sure I would have done some of the shit I did knowing these guys ran the show.

TORRENT:  Rise.of.the.Footsoldier.DVDRip.2007

Flick of the Week: Zombie Strippers! (2008)

30 Oct


So I promised everyone that I would give you my favorite horror movie this week … well … plans changed.  I am gonna give you the most AMAZING piece of shit I have ever seen.  I usually don’t post new movies, but this just seemed to fit MHC so well.  Starring Jenna Jameson and Robert Englund, Zombie Strippers has the potential to be a cult classic.  It should be a cult classic for the scene involving a zombie Jenna shooting pool balls out of her snatch!

TORRENT:  Zombie Strippers!.DVDRip.(2008)

Flick of the Week: CB4 (1993)

12 Oct


“Straight Outta Lo Cash, a crazy muthafuck named Gusto!”

Despite the comedic value of this flick, the morals conveyed remain relevant considering fools like Rick Ross and Akon are still trying to portray fake criminal pasts.  Who would have thought that a movie about fakeass gangster rappers would shape the face of hip-hop for the next decade and a half?  Additionally, the more experience I get in the music industry, the more I realize just how on point this movie is.  Ego, greed, and lust almost always tend to be the downfall of great artists.

TORRENT:  CB4.DVDRip.(1993)

Flick of the Week: Caddyshack (1980)

11 Sep


I’m alright / Nobody worry ’bout me / Why you got to gimme a fight? / Can’t you just let it be?

Caddyshack is quite easily one of the most seminal movies from my childhood.  In addition it has all the prereqs to be a great Flick of the Week: 1.) Titties, 2.) Awesome 80s fashion, 3.) Poop humor, and 4.) a dancing animatronic gopher!  What more could you really want out of a movie?  Seriously, I shouldn’t have to do anymore convincing.  Download this now for your own health!

TORRENT:  Caddyshack.1980.DVDRip

Flick of the Week: Streets is Watching (1998)

15 Aug


This is the Roc-a-fella Records that I loved and now miss.  The street oriented Roc w/ Dame and Jay at it’s head.  I couldn’t find a great rip of this movie, but it is such a perfect marketing piece that I had to share it no matter the quality.  To all of you cats wanting to be emcees, this is the perfect marketing tool.  In this flick, Jay-Z sells you a complete narrative about his life.  At the end of it, its hard not to believe that Jay put in work way back in the day.  For any hip-hop head, this is a must have.

TORRENT:  Streets.Is.Watching.1998

Flick of the Week: G.I. Joe – the Movie (1987)

6 May


With all of the hype for the live-action G.I. Joe movie building as it’s summer release approaches, I thought it would be best to remind everyone of the original animated G.I. Joe movie from 1987 that featured the mutation of Cobra Commander, the disgrace of Serpentor, and the first look at Cobrala.  Oh, and monstorous power rock soundtrack.  Really, you cant fuck with this.  Just a little tidbit for you trivia heads, Duke was supposed to die, but after the drama created by killing Optimus Prime in the Transformers movie, producers decided to make his coma nonfatal.

TORRENT:  G.I.Joe.the.Movie.1987.DVDRip

Flick of the Week: The Rules of Attraction (2002)

28 Mar


Ever feel like a total fucking sociopath?  Thats pretty much how I have felt for the past week.  I am not sure what is wrong, but I can’t quite seem to make myself give a shit about anything.  So what better way to conmemorate that feeling than by posting a great sociopathic piece of film … the cinema adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’s novel the Rules of Attraction starring Dawson Leary.  His little schpeil about being an emotional vampire is exactly how I currently feel.  Who will tonight’s victim be?

TORRENT:  The.Rules.of.Attraction.2002

Flick of the Week: Mobsters (1991)

13 Mar


I was struggling with selecting this week’s flick, but then I stumbled across this fairly light-hearted telling of the forming of the Commission in the cable listings.  I remember watching this shit as a kid and being fascinated by all of the money, booze, and tommy guns.  For the 1920s, this move is definitely money, hoes, and clothes.  One of my favorite portions of the movie is Rothstein (legendary hustler) taking a young Luciano under his wing, even showing the latter how to dress.

This shit actually makes me excited for the Last Will and Testament of Lucky Luciano.

TORRENT: Mobsters.1991

Flick of the Week: Rad (1986)

7 Mar


I have posted about this shit before on my various Myspaces, but I have yet to proclaim my love for this movie here.  A few weeks ago, I was at Mutiny and John Larner dropped the track “Send Me an Angel” which is the tune featured during the BMX dancing scene, and I got totally nostalgic.  Anyway, download this shit and laugh for days at the music, the clothes, the lingo, and a young Aunt Becky!


TORRENT: Rad.1986

Flick of the Week: Bad Boys (1995)

25 Feb


As you have noticed, I am finally back to back to business … thank god that shit is over.

Anyway, jumping right back in where we left off, it is time for flick of the week … this week I chose a flick that has been on cable an infinite number of times in the past week, Michael Bay’s Bad Boys featuring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.  Something about this movie and the sequel kinda makes me smile.  I think it has something to do w/ all of the money and drugs.  *shrugs*

TORRENT: Bad.Boys.1995
BONUS: Bad.Boys.II.2003

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