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Inside Wild Studios with Danny The Wildchild (Video)

14 Dec

I had no clue that Danny was playing about 50% of his own original material. Big ups to him! Hope to see an official release from him soon.

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Southside Shore

11 Nov

Why oh fucking why does my city always have to be on some epic fuckery?!  Greenwood, Beechgrove, and the rest of you degenerates south of Ftn Square, this is the reason why the rest of Indianapolis looks down upon you.  Someone should really make a reality show about the southern half of Indy titled “When Being White Goes Wrong”.

BONUS!!!! Watch for this douche bag I saw in PT’s on the east side at 5AM rubbing on some fat bitches @ 2:08.

Shouts to Stewbot for cluing me in on this.

12th Planet x Armanni Reign LIVE @ Apache Cafe [Video]

2 Mar


Ninja vs. Soccer Hooligan [Video]

28 Feb

Kinda reminds me of Rise of the Footsoldier.

MHC Exclusive Interview w/ Evol Intent and Lord Deucifer

28 Feb

This interview is from a few months back when Evol Intent was in Indianapolis to perform at the Juxtapoze Tuesday nights.  This was supposed to be followed up with an email interview that never took place *ahem, cough,*.  Make sure you hit the cut for my interview with Gigantor concerning his battles w/ Lord Deucifer!

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Claire Hux – Hustle and Grindin [Live Video]

6 Jan

These guys just keep getting better … oh and i have a new single to post!

Crackhead Caught in Bait Car [Video]

11 Dec

Wow, I would probably do the same thing if I had a rock and knew I was about to go to jail for an extended period of time.  Never wanna waste good crack!

X-Phone [Video]

10 Dec


117 Sneezes in a Minute [Video]

17 Nov

Poor girl, that’s how I felt last week.

U-N-I, Curt@ins, & Theo – “Drive By” LIVE in Indianapolis [Video]

13 Nov

OMFG … this made my fucking month.  As one of their last tunes, U-N-I brought out Curt@ins and Theo to perform Drive By, their anthem from the infamous Dubstep LA mixtape.  Considering this has been one of my jams for the past 2 months, I was blow away watching this shit live.  Warren G, Kidz in the Hall, and Grey Granite all had dope sets, but U-N-I came with that shit.  Sorry the sound is kinda wack, but I got what I could … courtesy of Miss Jungle Bitter Sweet.

Watch for an interview w/ U-N-I from MHC and Heavy Gun in the next few days.

Video of Warren G performing Regulate w/out sound (fuckin’ iPhone) below the cut.

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The Real: Jay and the Beans Talk [Video]

3 Nov

Imma let you finish, but this is the best sandbox of all time!

Wow, this shit makes me want to start writing hip-hop children’s books.  I think my first would be a story about Lil Wayne and T.I. advocating gun safety, feel me?

We Are Douchebags [Video]

3 Nov

“Don’t think of us as disgusting, think of us as cleansing.”

LOLZ for days!

Captain Save-a-Ho Prevents Kidnapping [Video]

25 Oct

Aww, not only is he getting hookers locked up, he’s saving their lives!

Why PeopleofWalmart.com is so Successful [Video]

24 Oct

Because kids will go into Walmart and do shit like this.  Hell, I have to admit that about 15 years ago I was guilty of similar Wallie World shens.



19 Oct

This guy is full of unintentional LOLZ.

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