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Cute Thick Chick of the Week: Rachel Havanna

5 Feb

36C-28-41. Kinda butterfacish.

More ass below the cut.

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Pole Action – The Exotic Dancing DVD

30 Jan

Chedda Mane Films has a new DVD available for purchase. Pole Action chronicles urban erotic entertainment across the country. A whole lotta asses jiggling. If you’re my friend on FB, you’ve already seen his work for Pure Passion East & West in Indianapolis. You can watch those videos below the cut.

BTW, I found this while learning that the Showstoppa Lil Nut has been freed from jail!

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Would You Hit It?: Maia Campbell

8 Sep

Ten years ago I would not have even posted this questions, but after this video of the former teen hottie, I had to pose it.  Would you fuck this crackhead bitch?  While she is tweaked out munching on Cheetos (which is funny, because one of my friends could only eat Cheetos while he was tweaked out)?  I think I just wanna holler at her to hear her say my dude J. Brookinz’s new favorite word: Anti-Horny.  Honestly, I dont even know if she could shut the fuck up long enough to let me fuck her!

Poll after the cut!

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Craigslist Kills Erotic Services Section

13 May


After a recent string of killings linked to craigslist.com users, various prosecutors have forced the free classified ads site to close their erotic services section.  ERS was the best section on craigslist.  This is where you could find any type of “escort” to fullfill all of your sick fantasies.  You like fat chicks?  Cl’s got it.  Prostate massage?  Yerp.  Trannies? Yep … Seriously, if you wanted to fuck just about anything … CL could hook you up.  Now the section is being renamed “Adult Services” and will be moderated to prevent hookers from repopulating there.  My question is: won’t they just start posting in casual encounters like the broke hoes that can’t afford the $5 fee?

Full story @ ABC News

Money, Hoes & Clothes Imposter T-Shirt

27 Mar


Why do people always have to be biting my ideas?  Srsly, wtf?!  I am preparing to launch a clothing line based upon the blog, and then I find this poorly designed piece of shit.

Full pic @ Flickr

Positive K – I Got a Man

2 Jan

What ya man got to do with me?

Now that it’s all said and done, I guess this shit is kinda appropriate.

Co-Op Hoes to Buy Brothel

18 Dec


Man its like these hoes took a play straight out of Prop Joe’s handbook.  By pooling money for rent, these bitches can set up shop in a building instead of working on the street.  Thinking like this might revolutionize prostitution more than craigslist.

Full Article @ the Canadian Press

Would You Hit It?: Florence Henderson

16 Dec


Would you fuck Mrs. Brady?  Old Mrs. Brady?  W/ the glass eye?  After watching the 73 year old’s dance moves on Dancing with the Stars, I think she might still be able to work it in the bedroom.  Now, what is it going to cost me to have an orgy w/ her and the famous brady daughters.

Poll under the cut.

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Would You Hit It?: Amy Winehouse

8 Dec


Amy Winehouse has been on a complete fucking downward spiral the past few years that has recently come to include a breakup w/ her boyfriend.  I love Amy’s voice, and she can look super fucking hot at times.  She can also look terrible at times.  My question for you is, would you fuck a strungout Amy Winehouse?  I’m not talking cute Amy.  I’m talking suck your dick for a crack rock Amy.  Would you?

Hit the jump for the poll.

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Would You Hit It?: Bald Brit Brit

19 Nov


Remember when Britney Spears went off the hit the other year and shaved her head to avoid a drug test?  I can’t decided who was hotter w/ a bald head … Brit Brit, Susan Powter, or Sinead O”Conner.  So anyway, would you fuck a bald, crazy, over weight, beat up labia Brit Brit?  Hit the jump to answer the poll and see a larger image of crazy bald Brit Brit.

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Would You Hit It: Latoya Jackson

11 Nov


Would you fuck Janet Jackson’s older crazy sister Latoya?  I have been struggling with this question all day, and I think i would most likely do it.  No lie, I might even eat the cob webs off her pussy.

More pics and poll below the cut.

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That Bitch Left a Floater!!

6 Nov


A couple of weeks ago, I was drinking with my friend Big D as he was closing the bar he works at.  Some crazy ass female was hanging out in the bar and assumably going home with D.  She seemed like a total fucking nut job.  The type of bitch everyone knows to stay away from.

The other night, I stopped by D’s bar to have a drink with him, and he ended up telling me that he had to kick the bitch out for leaving a big floater in his toilet w/ NO toilet paper.  WTF is that shit all about?  Ladies, would you ever consider leaving a floater in a dude’s toilet?  Dudes, would you kick a bitch out for leaving a floater?  I think I would have to lean towards D on this one.  That bitch has gots to go!

Hit the jump to vote in our floater poll

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Cop Rapes Hooker w/ a Baton!

30 Oct

A group of corrupt cops in Australia are facing charges that include taking freebees from street hoes, fucking a hooker w/ a baton, running a brothel w/ a drug dealer, and spending a weekend out of town doing drugs w/ a tranny.  It’s good to know that all cops are in some dirt.

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Jesikah Maximus to the Fucking Max!

25 Oct

Wow!  She is just ridiculous!

From Shake and Mekka

I know I missed the Saturday Night Sexy feature last night. I blame the fantastic day of events that evolved Nelly’s listening session + show, Don’t Mess With the Zohan!, after party with AI, Carmello Anthony, Nelly, Akon, etc … and more (which I’ll be posting about next). To make up for it, here is the sexy Jesikah Maximus’ recent spread in SSX Magazine, coutesy of CutieCentral. The last set of shots are lovely. Enjoy!

Hit the jump for more!

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I Suck at Juggling 2 Women in the Same Room

22 Oct

Ever wonder how you got yourself into a situation?  Last night was one of those nights.  For the past couple of months I have been bouncing between two women fairly regularly.  On Tuesdays, I typically go out w/ Condie to one of my favorite hole in the wall pubs, but she seemed hesitant about coming out last night.  Instead, I ended up having Miss Kitty meet me at the same pub for drinks.  About an hour after Ms. Kitty arrived, Condie calls and says she is on her way.  Now I start freaking out … how the fuck and I going to flirt with both females with each other in the room?  Condie arrives and I’m trying to hide the fact that I have already been all touchy/feely w/ Ms Kitty, but I keep stealing glances at Kitty.  Fuck me, they are the ones w/ boyfriends.  I have no commitment to either of them, so why the fuck was I so fucking anxious?  Ugh, and what makes the situation even more troubling is that both of them are in the process of ditching their current significant others!

I think I’m fucked …

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