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The Cool Kids – Rush Hour Traffic (Video)

17 Feb

Randomly, Mike and Chuck drop a video for “Rush Hour Traffic” off their album When Fish Ride Bicycles.

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Ninjasonik – Turned Up

17 Feb

Ninjasonik’s new EP “No Swords or Masks” drops March 6th via Decon Records!

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Yonas – Fall Back

9 Feb

It’s not U-N-I, but it will have to do. Video for this is coming soon based upon the BTS that was sent out with this.

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Riff Raff x Action Bronson – Bird on a Wire (Video)

9 Feb

Riff Raff has obviously been working on his rhymes, and Action Bronson sounds soooo much like Oreo Jones it is crazy.

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Flosstradamus – Total Recall (Kid Sister Remix)

30 Jan

Kid Sis rides Flosstradamus’s single “Total Recall”. Only thing that could have made this better was a feature from Riff Raff. They have to be favorite musical pairing of the moment.

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Azealia Banks – Bambi

30 Jan

Azealia Banks continues her re-ascension to the top of the female hipster rapper period. Her output since the new year has been rather spectacular. I’m locked in for this one.

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Heems – Nehru Jackets (Mixtape)

17 Jan

A couple of weeks back I posted Das Racist member Kool AD’s new mixtape. Well, his partner in crime Heems is releasing his solo mixtape Nehru Jackets via their indie label Greedhead. Above you’ll find a stream of 2 of the tracks (not sure why just 2), and below you’ll find a link to the entire project.

Spotted over at MOKB.

DOWNLOAD: Heems – Nehru Jackets (Mixtape)

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BBU – Kurt de la Rocha

8 Jan

The guys from BBU channel Kurt Cobain via sample and Zach de la Rocha via lyrics on their new single that spits in the face of the music industry. I’m getting more excited for their album!

DOWNLOAD: BBU – Kurt de la Rocha

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Kool A.D. – Palm Wine Drinkdard (Mixtape)

3 Jan

Das Racist emcee Kool A.D. just dropped a weird (who’d guess that) mixtape today. The digitized chopped and screwed feel of “Titties Out” might be my highlight of the project.

Spotted at MJF.

DOWNLOAD: Kool A.D. – Palm Wine Drinkdard (Mixtape)

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Charles Hamilton – Happy New Year

1 Jan

Charles seems to be making his return to the world in 2012 after a fairly quiet 2011. Hopefully his stint in the loony bin and then rehab has brought back the Charles Hamilton behind TAFIETU.

Spotted at Pigeons and Planes.

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – Happy New Year

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Prob Cause – Moon Flip Remix x Larger Than Life

21 Dec

Prob Cause let go a 2 track preview of his upcoming Leftovers project that drops in a couple days.

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Asher Roth – Pabst & Jazz (Mixtape)

20 Dec

I suppose like Asher’s become a hipster like every other college kid after they graduate. On his latest mixtape, Asher links up with Blended Babies to create a solid project that pulls from old school hip-hop, jazz, and funk. A lot of the project has that golden era hip-hop sound. Personal favorites are “Useless” “Bastermating” and “Charlie Chaplin”.

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – Pabst & Jazz (Mixtape)

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9 Dec

Theeeeeese motherfuckers right here! This is hands down the best album title I’ve heard in a while. Not going to lie, initially it took me a while to warm up to dude’s style, but this album (tape, project, whatever) is pretty solid. 0 fucks seem to be given on this tape. Reppin that MethCOAST!

GOLD UPDATE: Flaco is fucking awesome, but some of this shit sounds rough.

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Lakutis – I’m In the Forest EP

4 Dec

Das Racist co-conspirator Lakutis recently linked up with Mishka and Greedhead, Das Racist’s record label, for his debut a release a 7 track EP titled “I’m In The Forest”. If you’re into Das Racist’s nerdy, tongue in cheek style, then you should go ahead and download this project. It’s well worth the disk space.

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Asher Roth – Common Knowledge

11 Nov

After “Asleep in the Bread Aisle” kinda under performed, I was worried that Asher’s career would be short-lived.  However, the emcee has continued to churn out interesting projects like Seared Foie Gras and The Rawth EP.  Now Asher is prepping the release of his new project Pabst & Jazz with the new single “Common Knowledge”.

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – Common Knowledge (prod. Blended Babies)

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