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Fam-Lay x Clik Cartel Molly T-Shirt

13 Mar

I guess MDMA is making a real comeback. lol.

SHOP: Fam-Lay x Clik Cartel Molly T-Shirt

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Actual Pain’s Devil Television Black Crew

12 Mar

Not sure I’d wear it now, but I think its fairly dope.

SHOP: Actual Pain’s Devil Television Black Crew

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Limited Edition King Fantastic x Frank and Jan “Bonfire Sessions” Hoodie!

8 Mar

King Fantastic just dropped a new hoodie with Frank & Jan for their video “Bonfire Sessions”.

PURCHASE: Limited Edition King Fantastic x Frank and Jan “Bonfire Sessions” Hoodie

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New No Bad Ideas Snapbacks!

6 Mar

Their local to Nap, and they make some dope ish. Check out their collection of snapbacks below, and then go cop one at 20Past4 in Brip.

SHOP: New No Bad Ideas Snapbacks!

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Mishka Spring 2012 Collection Now Available!

4 Mar

Mishka just rolled out their Spring 2012 collection. Peep the lookbook teaser video above and then cop the shit at the link below.

SHOP: Mishka Spring 2012 Collection Now Available!

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New Camo Items Added to the Bape Collection

16 Feb

Some of the jackets are dope, but with a tag north $500, I’m not sure they are that cool.

SHOP: Bape Store

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Anchorsand Smoke Meth & Hail Satain Pullover Hoodie

13 Feb

Someone should buy this for me in black. Please?

SHOP: Anchorsand Smoke Meth & Hail Satain Pullover Hoodie

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Play Coths Spring ’12 Collection Available Online!

8 Feb

Push and Malice keep it legit with the Spring ’12 Play Cloths collection. Particularly digging all of the racing themed stuff.

SHOP: Play Coths Spring ’12 Collection

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Thai Pantie Thief Hoards 10,000 Pairs of Worn Underwear

1 Feb

Bangkok – Most people have a little junk in the trunk, but police have discovered that one man in Bangkok was using his car to store stolen pairs of women’s panties.

Thai police apprehended the 48-year old man this week after he was caught breaking into a building with an accomplice. Authorities subsequently discovered over 1,000 pairs of women’s underwear in the trunk of his car, and an additional 10,000 pairs in the thief’s home.

This little pantie sniffer has amassed quite a collection. That is dedication.

Full story.

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RIP Kim Jong Il

19 Dec

I’m so ronery!

For such a midget, this dude was definitely on some money, hoes, and clothes. Have you seen all the women hysterical in the streets of North Korea?! Dude was a chick magnet! I am now completely determined to find my own nuclear-capable, impoverished nation to rule….

Cute Thick Chick of the Week: Maiya Ming

11 Dec

No clue on dimensions, and I kinda cheated this week. I more or less stole this from TITS Brand. I just thought she fit the bill….phat ass and all.

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Pusha T’s Keys Open Doors

10 Dec

Looks like Neighborhood Push took some of that Def Jam money to cop some new custom jewelery that reminds of his roots. For one of the simplest and classiest designs, this might be the most gangsta set of pendants I’ve ever seen on a chain…. KEYS OPEN DOORS!

Full story from If & Co.

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Hodgy Beats, Pusha T, Liva Don & Tyler, the Creator – Oooh

2 Dec

So when I spotted this over at MJF with the Play Clothes Holiday 2011 Mixtape mentioned as an aside, I was kinda puzzled. Then I found the tracklist. Everything on the project besides this record are Fear of God II rejects. Womp womp.

DOWNLOAD: Play Cloths Holiday 2011 Mixtape

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Gone Til November…

10 Apr

So much is going on in my life that I just don’t have the time to keep up with MHC right now.  You never know … I might update with some shit I think is really cool, but not nearly as frequently.

Thanks to everyone that has supported MHC over the past 2 years.  It’s been a helluva an experience.

Russell Simmons’s Spring 10 Argyle Culture Collection

28 Feb

For the past couple of years I have been talking about Russell Simmons’s new collection Argyle Culture, and it appears that the label is finally taking off with major distribution from Macy’s.  I’m digging the styles.  It all appears to be very elegant and classic with some bold colors and flavor.  I really can’t wait to get my hands on some of it.  This might supplant Polo in terms of my clothing addiction.

Check the full collection @ Elle

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