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Lemi Vice x Knife Fight – The Knife Vice Moombahton EP

14 Mar

The homies Spencer and E really fucking killed this one. Congrats to them on breaking into Beatport’s Top 10 Electro House releases yesterday!

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Treasure Fingers – Rooftop Revival (FreEP)

8 Mar

AJ aka Treasure Fingers just dropped a new freEP via Scion A/V. Above you will find a SoundCloud of Bro Safari’s remix. Below is a link to download the whole thing. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: Treasure Fingers – Rooftop Revival (FreEP)

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Noisia – Tommy’s Theme (Munchi’s Fear is Weakness Remix)

4 Mar

Talk about taking a popular genre and flipping it on it’s head….Munchi has taken Noisia’s “Tommy’s Theme” and mixed it with the rhythm of moombahton, except he swapped moombah’s tropical vibes for piercing samples of industrial and techstep. Really interesting stuff going on here. Thanks to Ed Trauma for pointing this out to me!

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Bro Safari – Live on Moomba+ Radio (Mix)

1 Mar

More plz.

Tracklist below.

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Lemi Vice x Knife Fight – Moombra (Filthy Disco Remix)

1 Mar

Filthy Disco remix of Knife Vice’s “Moombra”. Knife Vices’s new EP is out Monday on Rad Summer.

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Valentino Khan & Will Bailey – Rukus

10 Feb

More moombah from Jeffree’s. JEFF007 was from Valentino Khan and Will Bailey.

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Bro Safari – Media Contender Podcast 14

29 Jan

The Media Contender podcast series continues to crank out amazing mixes from some of the hottest producers. This month’s podcast is from one of my favorite current producers Bro Safari aka Knick of Evol Intent. In the past few months, Knick has become one of the brightest stars in the moomahton sky with tropic originals. Download the mix and make sure to read the interview over at MC.

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD: Bro Safari – Media Contender Podcast 14

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Bro Safari & LeDoom – Avalon [Preview]

23 Jan

Preview of Bro Safari’s new collaboration with LeDoom “Avalon” forthcoming on T&A Records.

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Doctor P – Big Boss (JPL4W Remix)

10 Jan

This kid is quickly becoming one of my favorite moombah producers. Hopefully his originals are as good as his remixes!

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Bell Biv Devoe – Poison (Stereothieves Moombahton Remix)

8 Jan

I’m a sucker for New Jack Swing, so any moombah remix of Boyz II Men, ABC, BBD, and the whole East Coast Family is gonna get a post.

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Sticky K – Persian Algebra

8 Jan

JEFF005 features a Middle Eastern take on moombahton from Sticky K, which is an amazing name. Who doesn’t like to get a sticky with a little K?!

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Jack The Hustler – Run Up (Emynd’s Moombahton Remix)

5 Jan

New remix from Emynd finds the producer trying his hand at moombahton instead of his usual Bmore stylings.

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DJ Mr.E – Moombah Tu Madre (Mix)

2 Jan

If it’s moombah, I’m probably gonna post it…even if it is only marginally interesting….like this mix. Really I just wanted to hear another “Niggas in Paris” remix. Srsly. BTW, using hosting services that don’t allow for embedding the player are fucking lame. Use soundcloud!

UPDATE: Thank you Mr.E for the SoundCloud upload!

Tracklist below.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Mr.E – Moombah Tu Madre (Mix)

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Sol Selectas – Moombahton Massive VII (FreEP)

23 Dec

No original tunes here, but you do get some dope moombah remixes. The Kid Sister “Shake and Pop” remix is probably my favorite in the set.

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Astronomar – Back To The Beat (JEFF04)

22 Dec

It’s Thursday, so that means a new release from Jeffree’s. This week Astronomar takes the helm with a funky tropical set of tunes. I want to call it moombah, but I have no effing clue what it is. It’s good!

BONUS: JEFF003, Douster’s “Boom Shaka Laka” single is below the cut. Sorry I didn’t post it last week.

DOWNLOAD: Astronomar – Back To The Beat (JEFF04)

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