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Chief Boima – XLR8R Podcast 234

16 Feb

This mix is dope, but not really my steez. However, I will probably post any mix with an interesting remix of “Niggas in Paris”. Peep “Cape Verdians in Paris” at the 22:30 mark.

DOWNLOAD: Chief Boima – XLR8R Podcast 234

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Emynd – 1st & 15th Mixcast Vol. 42

1 Feb

Emynd is back with the 42nd edition of Crossfaded Bacon’s mix series “1st & 15th”.

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Zen Death Squad – Wild City 014 (Mix)

30 Jan

New glitch-hop mix from rising stars Zen Death Squad. Watch for their next release EP2 to drop sometime very soon.

Tracklist below

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Bro Safari – Media Contender Podcast 14

29 Jan

The Media Contender podcast series continues to crank out amazing mixes from some of the hottest producers. This month’s podcast is from one of my favorite current producers Bro Safari aka Knick of Evol Intent. In the past few months, Knick has become one of the brightest stars in the moomahton sky with tropic originals. Download the mix and make sure to read the interview over at MC.

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD: Bro Safari – Media Contender Podcast 14

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Random Movement – Podcast 29

17 Jan

First mix of 2012 from Mike Richards aka Random Movement. RM always brings the slickest liquid funk possible, and this tracklist appears to be nothing out the ordinary for the selectah!

Trakclist below.

DOWNLOAD: Random Movement – Podcast 29

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Two Fresh – Media Contender Podcast Vol. 13

11 Dec

Got a chance to meet these two while they were on Skrillex’s Mothership Tour. Super nice and funny kids. Their music is super a little hard to describe because it doesn’t really fall into any one genre. It’s this weird blend of hip-hop, jazz, and stripped down Miami bass. Even that description doesn’t doe the music justice. Check out Media Contender’s post for the full interview.

Tracklist and art below the cut.

DOWNLOAD: Two Fresh – Media Contender Podcast Vol. 13

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Cedaa – XLR8R Podcast Vol. 223

8 Nov

The XLR8R podcast is easily one of the best electronic podcasts available.  With their’ 223rd mix, XLR8R selected 23 year old college student Cedaa.  With a good mix of general bass music and a touch Jersey Club (a relative of Baltimore Club), the mix never veers away from the dancefloor.  This definitely makes me want to catch a performance from the DJ.

Tracklist and download below.

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Illy x Houston – Tighten UP #3 [Mixtape]

30 Mar

Illy and Houston have returned with the third edition in their Tighten UP podcast series.  Sorry there isn’t a direct download link and you have to launch iTunes.  I know … it sucks.

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD: Illy x Houston – Tighten UP #3 [Mixtape]

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Random Movement – Podcast #4

7 Jan

My favorite liquid funk nutter from Ohio dropped the most recent edition of his podcast some time ago.  It’s a nice blend of the hottest liquid funk tunes currently out or about to be out.  And per any liquid funk tape I posted here, there’s at least one Dave Owen tune.

I rep Indy!

Tracklist below.

DOWNLOAD:  Random Movement – Podcast #4

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Random Movement – Podcast 001

28 Sep


Recently, one of my favorite contemporary stateside producers dropped his first podcast.  I assume this is in preparation of his first full length release coming in early 2010 on Innerground.  With monster liquid-funk tunes, this mix is great for nearly every occasion.  Also make sure to pay special attention to the unreleased tune by Dave Owen and Glen E Ston.  Gotta rep for the Nap!

Tracklist below the cut.

DOWNLOAD:  Random Movement – Podcast 001

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Random Movement – DnBForum.nl Podcast #19 [Mixtape]

20 Mar


Figured I would give you a dnb post since I have been slacking a bit on it this week, and there is no one better to fill that slot than Random Movement.  Mike has always been good peoples as far as I am concerned, so I will always support his music.  In addition, RM tends to drop a track by Indy’s own Dave Owen in every set.

Tracklist below after the jump.

DOWNLOAD:  Random Movement – DnBForum.nl Podcast #19 [Mixtape]

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Aaron Jay – Influence Records Podcast #2

4 Jan


Aaron Jay mixes everything from Photek to Commix to Dave Owen for the second Influence Records Podcast.  You guessed it, this podcast is filled with mostly future soul and liquid funk.  What can I say, its the lighter side of dnb thats actually interesting these days.  Another reason this mix is a good look is because it features 2 tunes from Indy’s own Dave Owen.  He recently brought the heat closing for Dieselboy @ Talbott Street on December 11th.  Hit the jump for a tracklist.

DOWNLOAD: Aaron Jay – Influence Records Podcast #2

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