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Franki Chan – Generic Surplus Mix

22 Nov

I’m not sure how many of you know that Franki Chan is good ole boy from Indiana, but the man behind Iheartcomix hails from Bloomington. A couple of years ago, Iheartcomix and Franki were influential in the revitalization of dance music. Recently I haven’t noticed much from the label, but this quick 9 track mix is nice blend of some newer disco joints.

Tracklist below.

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Designer Drugs – Datamix 07 [Mixtape]

6 Jan

Somehow I missed this when it first dropped.  Not sure how.  Anyway, my favorite electro house miscreants have returned with their latest edition of the Datamix series.  This shit just makes me salivate at the thought of their full length release coming soon!

Tracklist below.

DOWNLOAD:  Designer Drugs – Datamix 07 [Mixtape]

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Franki Chan – Aussie Mixtape

3 Dec

The man behind iheartcomix Franki Chan dropped his newest mixtape the other day.  Clearly a promo piece for his upcoming Australian tour, the mix features a nice selection of the hottest current jams.  However, I have to admit that the first 2/3 of the mix bored me.  It wasn’t until “King of Africa” dropped that I actually became interested in what Mr. Chan was playing.  From there out, the mix lets loose with some serious basslines and a lil Dutch house….its everywhere … srsly!  Hopefully we’ll see Franki in Indy sometime soon.

Tracklist below

DOWNLOAD:  Franki Chan – Aussie Mixtape

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MHC Exclusive Intervew w/ Designer Drugs!

28 Oct

I usually don’t post about the same artists twice in a week, but Designer Drugs have had an exceptional week.  First off, they have just released their second single “Riot”/”Drop Down” on iheartcomix.  Secondly, Theo and Mike celebrated the anniversary of their first single “Zombies”.  And finally, I somehow conned them into doing an interview for MHC.  Hope you enjoy!

MHC:  I open every interview with this question, so who can pull more pussy in a night:  Michael or Theo?

Michael:  Theo because since he has a pussy he can pull it whenever he wants.

Theo:  Pull it, pet it, twist it, bite it, you name it.

Rest of the Interview below the cut.
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Designer Drugs – Drop Down

23 Oct


Designer Drugs are back with their second original release on iheartcomix featuring Riot and Drop Down.  Riot is already an anthem that most people are dying to get their hands on.  Drop Down, however, has not gotten much exposure until now.  As a means to hype the release, Franki Chan recently posted Drop Down as a free download on iheartcomix.  Enjoy, and watch for a Designer Drugs interview in the near future.

DOWNLOAD:  Designer Drugs – Drop Down

Designer Drugs – Datamix 05 [Mixtape]

10 Sep


There is nothing better than receiving unexpected new music from artists that you love.  I just stumbled across this new gem on Twitter from Mike and Theo of Designer Drugs.  As the fifth volume in their Datamix series, this edition follows suit with a series of banging electro joints.  I wasn’t able to grab a full tracklist, but I would venture to say that it consists of a lot of originals and remixes from the DD duo.

DOWNLOAD:  Designer Drugs – Datamix 05 [Mixtape]

Toxic Avenger – February MiniMix [Mixtape]

19 Mar


Messinian sent me a link to a video of him peforming live that was posted on IHEARTCOMIX, but the coolest part about the post was the Toxic Avengers minimix that was posted at the bottom.  The past week or two has been a great two weeks for electro mixtapes.  Between this and the Designer Drugs mix, I am straight set on all of the electro that I might want to listen to.

Messi/We Don’t Sleep video below the cut.

DOWNLOAD:  Toxic Avenger – February MiniMix [Mixtape]

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Designer Drugs x Grey Granite x MHC = Awesome!

31 Jan


Just wanted to say HUGE thanks to everyone that performed at and came out for the first “Money, Hoes, & Clothes presents” show @ Talbott Street.  It was a great fucking night and a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday.  Mike from Designer Drugs was drinkin’ his whiskey per usual and broke his glasses by running into me.  Grey Granite and company put on a great show.  His stage presence is definitely worth noting.  TONS OF FUCKING ENERGY!  The turnout was decent considering the snow.  Below are links to pictures from the night and a bonus voice clip from Michael before Designer Drugs.

Pictures @ InduceOnline.com
Pictures @ Indie Volumes Magazine
BONUS: Noise Machine Voice Drop for the Broke(n) 2 Year Anniversary Mix

Designer Drugs Flyers Are In!

4 Jan


The flyers designed by Jackola for Money, Hoes, & Clothes presents Designer Drugs are back from the printer.  I have a general shit ton of them, so if you wanna be cool and help get rid of them, please get at me @ moneyhoesclothes@gmail.com.  The flyers look super dope,  I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Also, if you want to be on the $5 reduced list, please email moneyhoesclothes@gmail.com with your full name, one name per email.

Subtitle – How 2 Beat the Beat 3

2 Jan


Subtitle aka Giovanni Marks returns to his How 2 Beat the Beat series for the first time in 9 years with a third installment being given away by the Briefcase Rockers.  The new release is full of minimal electro and techno beats being laced by Marks’ clever rhymes.  Give it a listen.

PS.  If you keep sending me links like this, I’m gonna make you start posting!

DOWNLOAD: Subtitle – How 2 Beat the Beat 003

Kid Delicious – American Zombies Crash-Up

30 Dec


Went out drinking last night with the Stewbot, and he told me that he was cooking up a special mashup for his set on January 29th @ Money, Hoes, & Clothes presents Designer Drugs!  I immediately asked if I could give download to all of the MHC readers, and Stew was down.  The track is over all fun.  I love it.  Throw it on a decent and feel the bass.  Prepare for that feeling on a much more massive scale in exactly a month from today!

UPDATE:  This is just an early cut of the tune.  Will post the finished version later.

UPDATE:  Got the final version of the tune, and it now features Kanye’s verse from American Boys.  Seriously, this shit is hot.  I am leaving the original up as a bonus download, but you definitely need to cop the official mash-up.

DOWNLOAD: Kid Delicious – American Zombies Crash-Up
BONUS:  Tyler Stewart x MHC x Designer Drugs – Money, Hoes, & Clothes Zombies Crashup

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