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New Study Shows She Really May Be Hooking To Pay Tuition

16 Dec

A new study from Britain’s NUS suggests that students are turning to prostitution in order to pay the controversial tuition hikes of the past year. I guess you can no longer turn your nose at every stripper and hoe that claims they are only doing this to get through college. I wonder if educated hookers will lead to better customer service….

Full story at BBC.

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Creepy Old Dude Busted w/ Hooker in OKC [Video]

28 Sep

This video vigilante guys is a bit of a twat, but his vids are funny as shit!

Flick of the Week: Raw Deal – A Question of Consent (2001)

24 Sep

I heard about this documentary shortly after discovering Billy Corben’s infamous doc Cocaine Cowboys, and I have been on a mad hunt to find it for a few years.  After a few Google searches recently, I found a copy of it being shared on some random-ass torrent site.  After about two weeks of downloading pieces at a time from unreliable seeders, I finally got it.  I sat down and watched it.  This is easily the most shocking piece of video I have ever seen only because it includes actual video footage of what might be a rape.  Even more fucked up, I cant decide if Lisa Gier King was raped.  This is easily every young man’s worst nightmare.  I would recommend this to any young and sexually active male.

DOWNLOAD:  Raw Deal – A Question of Consent (2001)

British Policewoman Moonlights as a Hooker

13 Sep


A British policewoman was recently arrested for moonlighting as a hooker, how dope is that?  That might be about as good as the Indianapolis officer that was working as pimp with his wife last year.  The 29 year old started with the police in Northumbria, UK in 2002 and became a $200/hr hooker in 2006.  I guess the benefits package for police in the UK must suck.

Full story @ the Guardian.

Craigslist Kills Erotic Services Section

13 May


After a recent string of killings linked to craigslist.com users, various prosecutors have forced the free classified ads site to close their erotic services section.  ERS was the best section on craigslist.  This is where you could find any type of “escort” to fullfill all of your sick fantasies.  You like fat chicks?  Cl’s got it.  Prostate massage?  Yerp.  Trannies? Yep … Seriously, if you wanted to fuck just about anything … CL could hook you up.  Now the section is being renamed “Adult Services” and will be moderated to prevent hookers from repopulating there.  My question is: won’t they just start posting in casual encounters like the broke hoes that can’t afford the $5 fee?

Full story @ ABC News

Pimpin’ Curly “the Fast Lane” Ep. 6 – “Curly Gets High”

19 Mar

Another day, another Pimpin’ Curly episode.  One has to wonder when this shit is gonna end.  Seriously, how many more of these videos is Fif gonna make?

Co-Op Hoes to Buy Brothel

18 Dec


Man its like these hoes took a play straight out of Prop Joe’s handbook.  By pooling money for rent, these bitches can set up shop in a building instead of working on the street.  Thinking like this might revolutionize prostitution more than craigslist.

Full Article @ the Canadian Press

Ho Robs John of $62K!

13 Aug

Thats one daring and opportunistic hooker, but I can’t really blame her for trying.  What kind of dumbass takes out $62K in credit card advances and then goes hooker hunting?  I think this guy was looking to get rolled by a prostitute.

Can you imagine that 911 call?  “Hello, I just had a prostitute rob me of sixty-two thousand dollars in cash that I was intending on using in a hooker marathon this weekend.  Can you please send some police to get my ho-savings back?”

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Landlord Can’t Beat the D-Boys, So He Advertises for Them

3 Aug

A frustrated landlord in Cincinnati has given up on the police’s ability to clean up his neighborhood, so he recently installed a sign that says “Drugs & Sex For Sale 24/7” on his property.  If I were him, I would rent out my empty units to the hookers and dealers at hourly rates.

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San Francisco Hookers Could Potentially Get a Free-Pass!

22 Jul

A measure has been certified by the local government of San Francisco to appear on the ballot this November that would decriminalize prostitution in the California city.  The law up for referendum would make it illegal for law enforcement to investigate, arrest, or prosecute persons involved in prostitution.

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Indianapolis Cop Charged with Pimping (No Really!)

4 Jul

It hasn’t been a good month for IMPD. A few weeks ago 3 officers were charged in federal court with dealing large of amounts of marijuana after it was seized, and now an IMPD officer is charged with helping his wife run a prostitution ring. I love it. This type of shit just goes to show that police corruption is rampant in every city, even good ole’ Indy!

Indy Star News Story

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